Tesla Model Y With 2022 Startech Body Kit: EV Tuning by the Germans

The famous tuning company Startech has just released a body kit for the 2022 Tesla Model Y. This means that pretty soon, you’ll be able to buy custom accessories for this popular EV and make it look different.

Tesla customization is a pretty difficult thing, and that’s quite annoying for hardcore car guys. I mean, yesterday, we watched the normal Model Y demolish a brand new Genesis GV70 with a twin-turbo V6. So the Model Y performance might wipe the floor with all its rivals, but it looks likeā€¦ an iPhone.

Startech decided to change that by offering new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, along with other parts which are commonly swapped out, like the wheels and suspension. If you know what a Model Y looks like, these will get your attention, but they’re not extreme mods.

Startech is the sister company to Brabus, the famous tuner of AMGs. “Tuner” is a horrible understatement here, because these companies completely change the bodies, engines, and interiors of their projects. It’s not uncommon for a Brabus-modified G800 or Rocket 900 to cost over $500,000.

Ever heard of Brabus?

When I began my journalistic career, Startech was exclusively a Land Rover and Jaguar specialist. They made 6×6 and pickup versions of the Range Rover, for example. But the British models don’t sell well, so they diversified and found customers among Tesla importers in Europe.

In 2020, the Model 3 was customized, and now they’ve got parts for its crossover twin. The most striking component is the front bumper, which adds a sort of fake grille effect. For the rear, we’ve got a diffuser at the bottom and a trunk spoiler. A second spoiler can be added to the upper trunk area.

Prices are only available from the European market, but we believe that with shipping, these four components will set you back about $5,000.

Startech also offers some interesting-looking seat covers, an Alcantara roof, a leather sports steering wheel, and a digital instrument cluster because Teslas don’t come with anything like that. But these probably can’t be fitted by any old body shop mechanic.

They can even sell you custom taillights or 22-inch wheels. But those aren’t as important as the body kit. We’re sure some Model Y owners are going to freak out over digital gauges. It’s so weird not to see your speed or radio settings directly in the line of sight.



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