SEMA 2022: New BMW M4 “Maloo” Pickup Is Wrapped in Scratch-Resistant Blue Chrome

One of the most interesting but least talked about vehicles at the 2022 edition of the SEMA Show is this, a BMW M4 “Maloo” pickup. If you’re unfamiliar with the “Maloo”, it was an Australian pickup, like a modern Chevy El Camino available with an LSA. Awesome, right? And for some reason, somebody created something similar out of a brand new BMW M4 Coupe.

First, the facts. The M4 pickup can be found at the STEK Automotive stand. They’re the guys who made the blue chrome wrap, which is actually a paint-protection film that self-heals and is resistant to scratches. The conversion from a regular coupe to a utility vehicle was done by Dinmann, which specializes in dry carbon parts for BMWs. There’s a lot of them here.

It’s been hard to find details and good photos of the car. But fortunately, it’s got a dedicated page, @m4maloo, where updates are going to be posted in the future. It’s there that we learned this is not only a real M4 coupe, with the Competition package and xDrive, but also not a wrecked one. It was purchased back in April somewhere in the Bay Area.

The M4 was chopped right above where the door ended and a metal frame was welded in to add rigidity back into the body. Remember, this is a 500-horsepower sports car. A cargo area was crafted out of metal. And yes, this has a tailgate.

At first, you’re probably going to hate this person who chopped into a brand-new $90,000 BMW. But the more you think about this, the more you realize it’s a cultured build. Like many other SEMA builds, it’s based on a rendering by artist Musa Rio Tjahjono (@musartwork).

Australian utes are no longer in production, but they’re quite interesting, born from the need to have a family car and something to transport goods at the same time. The Maloo is based on the Commodore, so it’s like a 2-door pickup version of the 2014 Chevy SS.

Most of the “BMW pickup” photos you’ll find online are fakes, but they were all inspired by real vehicles created by the German automaker. The first one was the 1986 M3 pickup, an E30 with a bed lined in diamond-pattern steel. It was used for actual work over 26 years, but was actually based on a 3 Series.

In 2011, they made another one based on the M3 of the time, the E46. Spy photos were taken as it lapped the Nurburgring, and there was even a full press release, all for the sake of April Fools.



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