Porsche Taycan Turbo Gets Widebody Kit from Prior Design, Looks Like a Racing EV

The Taycan is not only the first all-electric model in Porsche history but also a gateway into a new era of performance. The car has proven itself faster, more technologically advanced, and enjoyable to drive than most EVs. In the meantime, BMW and Mercedes have gotten their act together, and Audi makes its own version of the Taycan Turbo called the RS e-tron GT. So a few Porsche Taycan owners might find it imperative to upgrade the look of their sports cars.

It’s impossible to describe the Taycan as inadequate. After all, the top-end Turbo S model can hit 60 mph in 2.6 seconds and routinely costs more than $200,000. After spending that kind of money, this next body kit can seem cheap at about $13,000. However, it comes from a reputable European widebody specialist and is basically the best one you can buy.

Most of the “Taycan widebody” images you’ll find are renderings. Prior Design also showed this as a 3D model last year, but this is the first one they presented, and it’s a beauty with fender flares that stand in black over the acid green body. It’s like the GT3 RS of EVs (no such model is offered, though).

Prior Design is a German company, one of my favorite widebody specialists in Europe. Not only do they create special stuff for supercars and performance SUVs, but they also look into the vehicles normal enthusiasts can afford, like this Volkswagen Beetle.

Taycan widebody cost and details

This specific package is called the PD-TE and fits Taycan Turbo and Turbo S models. If you’ve got a regular model, like the 4S or GTS, you’ll have to upgrade your bumpers first. Not sure about the Sport Turismo wagon, but the Cross Turismo is clearly out of the question because of its own body kit. Those are rare anyway.

While assembling a Prior Design Taycan, you have two options. First, you can go for the skirts and spoilers treatment. The front splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser will cost you a combined €4,690 or $4,980 at the current exchange rate.

Alternatively, you could have this widebody look, which is the one we’d go for. The fender flare widebody package is made up to 10 individual parts and will set you back €8,950 or $8,930. A few add-ons can be made, including a rear wing which seems like overkill.

All the PD-TE parts are made from a glass fiber Dura-Flex mixture, flexible and shiny. Prior Design says full installation takes about 8 hours, but should only be carried out by an experienced fiberglass specialist. The parts can easily be painted, but we believe their demo car is wrapped, given the unique shade of green on the rest of the body.

The most successful part of this transformation is the enhanced stance, resembling an EV race car. The vents on the sides of the widebody add character while not detracting from the original appearance of the Taycan.



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