Mad Max-Ready Porsche 928 Packs 3,000 HP Worth of Supercharged Fury

The vast vehicle pool of the four Mad Max movies we’ve enjoyed to date wasn’t completely devoid of German steel (think: Mercedes-Benz W123 luxury sedan body for the People Eater tanker truck in Fury Road). However, we have yet to see a Porsche making its way through the post-apocalyptical world of the franchise. And, if we were to seek a likely candidate for, say, the pair of upcoming titles of the series, this Porsche 928 would make a pretty strong case for itself, albeit not a perfect one.

If you think about it, the 928, which Porsche initially thought would replace the 911 back in the 1970s, uses the front-engined coupe recipe that defines so many of the contraptions used in the George Miller-directed franchise. Speaking of which, while the Furiosa spinoff is scheduled to come out in 2024, we’ll have some extra waiting to do for the fifth main title of the franchise (The Wasteland).

This 1978 unit, an early example, was born just before the year mentioned in the original MM movie (1989). And, with its sky-high blower and its home-hacked look, it has a strong Mad Max vibe—yes, we know it’s got no armor and too much horsepower—it could probably empty a tanker in no time. Bear with us, though, as we’ll move on to describing the vehicle.

The screw-blown Steve Morris V8 packs delivers more than ten times the factory output of the car

A lot of the said image is owed to the fact that, thanks to the monstrous Steve Morris 572 ci V8, with its massive blower and vertical-stack hat, this 928 looks like an Aussie burnout car. Nevertheless, while burnouts are part of its repertoire, this is a drag racer–moonlighting as a road car—run by a Texan enthusiast.

Danny Humphries has owned the once-a-grand-tourer for 22 years. However, the aficionado recently had the entire vehicle redone, with the said firepower being accompanied by a reinvented chassis and all the additional work involved by such a transformation (e.g., the wiring).

The 9.3L screw-blown V8 currently churns out 2,600 wheel horsepower (at 35 lbs of boost), which makes for roughly 3,000 ponies at the crank. However, as its owner explains in the first clip below, which seems to mark the drag strip debut of the toy, once the machine is fully dialed in, it will offer an extra 2-300 horsepower. And you can jump to the 13:31 timestamp for some nighttime runs (don’t trust that Elapsed Time, these are mere test runs).

This 928 is not afraid of road trips

Given the incredible-for-its-specs drivability of the vehicle, this was caught on camera while attenting the ongoing Rocky Mountain Race Week, which asks participating machines to drive between a few race tracks in Oklahoma and Texas under their own power. The clip comes from Tom Bailey, the enthusiast Dodge entrusted with building the Durango Drag Pack.

However, if you’re a fan of dyno runs that look and sound like airplanes taking off, we’ll remind you we covered this build a few months ago when engine builder Steve Morris was still working on the beastly Porscha.



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