Infiniti QX55 Gets Upgraded With Larte Body Kit, Looks Like a Mini GLE 63 Coupe

Not many people realize this, but Infiniti was there when the SUV coupe craze began, offering the sleek FX as early as 2002, several years ahead of the BMW X6 (2007). However, it took them quite a while to make the smaller sequel with the QX55. Even though this model competes with some of the most famous German crossovers, you almost never hear about it, but the tuner Larte Design is loyal to the Infiniti brand and has developed the first body kit.

Larte has shops all over the world, in America and Germany, but they started off many years ago in Russia. And the Infiniti FX was one of their best-selling body kits. It played into that Japanese luxury fantasy, had that full-sized imposing look that the Moscow mafia likes, plus the V6 and V8 engines sounded great.

What Larte does to the Infiniti QX55

The comments on social media are already calling it: the QX55 already looks like a Mercedes SUV-Coupe, and the Larte body kit takes this into AMG territory. It’s like a mini version of the GLE 63 Coupe. Too bad there’s no engine to match!

The body kit has a brand name, Missuro, which is Larte’s trademark for any Infiniti SUV. Over the glossy black paint, it’s pretty easy to spot what they’ve changed.

At the front, the tuners have installed their own grille with a 3D black mesh pattern and a bespoke logo. The front bumper also gets a new spoiler to bring the SUV closer to the ground

Meanwhile, the rear receives a new diffuser at the bottom of the bumper and big brake light in the middle. It’s a reminder that Infiniti is big in Formula 1. There’s a spoiler on top of the trunk and several overlay pieces.

most of all, we appreciate the dual rectangular exhaust pieces, which look exactly like the ones AMG uses and are quite similar to Brabus as well.

The QX55, fresh air in the German-dominated market?

Infiniti dealers have been stuck selling outdated vehicles, so they must have been pretty happy when the QX55 arrived in 2021. Currently, it’s the second-freshest model after the new QX60.

As a coupe version of the popular QX50 SUV, this competes directly against other sleek 4x4s, most of which are German, such as the Mercedes GLC Coupe, the BMW X4 and the Audi Q5 Sportback. However, being priced from around $48,000, it also goes up against things like the Range Rover Evoque, Genesis GV70, Acura RDX and Volvo XC60.

The engine is supposed to be one of the highlights of the QX55. It’s offered exclusively with a 2.0-liter aluminum four-cylinder, turbocharged and intecooled to deliver 268 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. Despite the high-tech variable compression system of the VC-Turbo, it doesn’t get mind-blowing mpg numbers, and the CVT gearbox can be offputting for some.



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