Next-Gen 2025 Nissan Armada Makes Digital Debut Following Fresh Spyshots

Nissan is almost ready to introduce the next-gen Armada SUV, which should make its debut in early 2024 as a 2025 model. As in the past, the next-gen Armada will be paired with a new iteration of the Infiniti QX80 (also for the 2025MY) catering to the luxury side of the full-size SUV market.

The next-gen 2025 Nissan Armada was recently spotted testing on American roads, as you can see in the gallery below (lens tip to Kindel Auto). And, despite the comprehensive camouflage wrap, the prototype shows many of the new design features, which we’ll list below.

As a result, the digital realm has already rushed to mark the debut of the 2025 Armada. For one, we’ve brought along a few renderings of the SUV. Coming from the Next-Gen Car YouTube channel, these images aim to give us a look at the upcoming big SUV.

Infiniti itself has delivered a taste of the upcoming 2025 QX80 thanks to the QX Monograph concept released back in August, which we’ve also added to the gallery. Even with this model set to feature more lavish details like an illuminated 3D badge on the front grille and elegant LED graphics for the digital piano key taillights, the 2025 Armada will also offer a more lavish take compared to the current model.

Riding on an updated version of the current model’s F-Alpha platform, the next-gen 2025 Nissan Armada is marking the generation change with with imposing styling cues. Up front, the massive grille featuring an elegant mesh design sports a bar in the upper section. And the L-shaped daytime running lights of the new LED headlights look imposing.

It’s also worth noting the slab-sided 2025 Armada will continue to be sold in other markets (e.g., Australia and the Middle East) as the Patrol (Y63 generation). And to see just how much people love the thing in those parts of the world, here’s an Y62 Patrol 6×6 overlanding build.

At the back, the next-gen Armada will lose the current model’s horizontal taillights in favor of vertical light clusters, while featuring a pronounced bumper.

The outgoing Nissan Armada sports a 7.0-inch instrument cluster display and a 12.3-inch infotainment screen. These will be replaced by larger units for the 2025 model, while the materials used throughout the cabin will have a more premium feel.

Nissan and Infiniti are only updating the existing F-Alpha platform for the 2025 Armada and QX80. Even so, the SUVs will lose the current 5.6L V8 in favor of a twin-turbo V6 expected to deliver 424 hp. The unit will be mated to a Nissan nine-speed automatic transmission instead of the current seven-speed auto. In addition, the AWD system, with its two-speed transfer case, will be overhauled, with new driving modes set to be offered. As with the current model, RWD versions will also be available.

The 2025 Nissan Armada and Infiniti QX80 are set to debut by the second quarter of 2024. And with the outgoing Nissan Armada starting at $50,000, you can expect the base price of the 2025 Nissan Armada to be closer to $60,000.



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