Crazy 1967 Camaro With Widebody and Lambo Doors Is Built Different

The problem with beautiful classic cars is that nobody wants to ruin them. The late 1960s icons are just worth too much money. Plus, who wants a 1967 Camaro that many people will hate? Maybe this guy.

The project has been getting a lot of attention over the past week after being spotted at a car meet. Nobody knows what’s going on, which is just the kind of custom car we like.

As it turns out, this one-off belongs to one Michael Tynan, who’s got a private page called crazywidebody67camaro for the beast. Can you think of a better name?

The first-gen Camaro arrives just at the beginning of the muscle car era and has some of the simples lines, which is precisely what fans love about it. But the 1967 Camaro “RVNGE” has as much respect for those proportions as Michael Bay has for some of his actors, and we obviously mention this because of the Transformers connection.

The transformation starts at the front with a new bumper that goes under the original chrome and hits all the way to the ground. This then extends into the custom flared-out fenders that add at least a foot to the car. The side skirts are also done in this Pimp My Ride style.

And at the back, you’ve got another lowering bumper and a trunk spoiler to grab your attention. But you’re probably so drawn to the Lambo doors that you’re going to miss smaller details like the supercar-like door mirrors or integrated exhaust.

We’ve managed to find out that the RVNGE Camaro boasts an LS3 crate motor sending 525 horsepower to the Tremec 6-speed transmission. It’s got custom wider suspension arms and air ride.

Of course, all this would look like total crap without the attention-grabbing black paint that’s been polished to perfection. Like we said, this isn’t for everybody, but the owner reportedly spent over 5 years executing his personal vision and that’s pretty dope.



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