Carbon-Body Alfa Romeo Giulia Retromod by ErreErre Fuoriserie Has 1962 Giulia Sedan Look, Costs Supercar Money

In the age of SUV dominance, we get fewer and fewer sedans. And how could one convince the world it still needs this body style? Well, the 505 hp (510 PS) Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio handles that task pretty well on its own, but Italian coachbuilder ErreErre Fuoriserie gifting such a beauty-and-beast with the looks of its 1960s ancestor looks like a solid way to help the cause.

With its Ferrari-designed twin-turbo 2.9L V6, the Quadrifoglio iteration of the Giulia used to be the top dog. That changed when the Italian automaker introduced the even more hardcore Giulia GTA and all-out GTAm, seeking inspiration in the 1960s branch of the Italian sports sedan’s family tree. For the record, Stellantis head designer Ralph Gilles’ car collection also includes an Alfa from that era, namely a 1968 GTA 1300 Junior nicknamed Dorian.

However, while the said factory offerings invoke the spirit of their ancestors with contemporary looks and upgraded tech, ErreErre Fuoriserie’s Giulia Quadrifoglio follows a different path. The coachbuilder’s machine keeps the standard specs while completely revamping the body with carbon panels that bring the looks of the Type 105 Giulia Sedan that’s celebrating six decades from its debut in 2022.

A body-wide transformation, but with the factory safety

While the greenhouse, along with details like the door mirrors and the door handles, give away the modern nature of the performance sedan, this features an extensive classic-look treatment. It all starts up front, where the smaller Scudetto grille is flanked by two pairs of round headlights.

The resculpted bumper, with its round intakes and its exposed carbon splitter, is married with what we see as the most impressive part of the vehicle, namely the tastefully restrained widebody and steelie-look wheels.

The posterior is adorned with not one, but two double spoilers, which can be found on the roof and boot lid. The bumper exhibits a boxier design, while the taillights, which appears to come from the Mercedes G-Class, complete this sort of styling. However, lifting the boot lid reveals a second pair of taillights, which are there for safety purposes, as the main light clusters go up with the panel.

Speaking of which, the specialist ensures us that the new body panels haven’t affected the safety structure of the Giulia—while there are no NHTSA ratings for the Giulia, this has earneed a five-star Euro NCAP rating back in 2016.

Then there’s the center exhaust. This takes up some of the diffuser space, which is why the side elements of the latter are super-sized.

The price for ErreErre Fuoriserie’s carbon-body Alfa Romeo Giulia

ErreErre Fuoriserie labels its work as “not a restomod”, calling it a retromod instead. The Turin-based coachbuilder has released a set of studio photos for the Giulia Quadrifoglio, while the vehicle has mande its public debut last weekend at the Poltu Quatu Classic event in Italy—you’ll find some live photos in the Alfattitude Instagram post below.

The first ten conversions will be offered for a price of €196,207 ($197,200 at the curent exchange rates), which doesn’t include VAT or the donor car. For the following vehicles, the vintage-flavored carbon transformation will come at a price of €245.000 ($246,240).

Now, if this retromod practice sounds familiar, it could be thanks to America’s ExoMod C68, which we discussed earlier this week, which is a carbon-bodied Dodge Challenger Hellcat dressed as a 1968 Charger.

Update (October 28, 2023): The red car we initially showcased was the prototype, but we can now show you the production version of the ErreErre Fuoriserie Giulia Quadrifoglio. New details include elements like the door handles and the color scheme, while the cabin also sports a high-end finish.

In addition to the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio’s modern mechanics and safety, the project includes Bistein suspension, Brembo ceramic brakes and custom magnesium wheels for an all-out retromod effect. After all, this project does pay homage to the Alfa Romeo Tipo 105 of the 1960s, so the wheels had to talk about it.

Only 33 units of the ErreErre Fuoriserie Giulia Quadrifoglio retromod will be built.



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