BMW M4 and M3 ADRO Body Kit Fixes Kidney Grille Starting at $3,100

In production since 2020, the current G82/G83 BMW M4 and G80/G81 BMW M3 continue to split opinions over their controversial super-sized kidney grille. BMW is rumored to address this in the 2025MY LCI (facelift) for the M4 and M3, which is expected to enter production next year. Meanwhile, though, there’s a tuner that has gone beyond the average aftermarket effort to “fix” the huge kidney grille of these M cars. Enter the ADRO body kit for the BMW M4 and M3 of the G8X generation.

The body kit was penned by Davis Lee, who previously served as a designer for Mercedes-Benz and Rivian, so the OEM look of the company’s aerodynamic elements is no surprise.

It all starts with a new front bumper for the M4 and M3. Naturally, this includes a new kidney grille, which is slightly smaller due to it being shorter and features a larger divider between the kidneys.

The overall shape is wider, while the upper edge of the grille lines up with the LED headlights of the M cars. To that end, the ADRO BMW M4 and M3 front grille remind us of the styling updated BMW itself did on the limited 3.0 CSL revealed in November 2022, but that costs $780,000 and is limited to just 50 units.

As for the inner workings of the grille, which is the only part most tuners addressed, ADRO, who is also making a Tesla Model 3 Widebody, took a page from the BMW M4 GT3 race car’s book, using thicker horizontal bars in the middle.

The lower front bumper of the M4 and M3 was also redesigned, gaining a new horizontal intake just above the optional lip and packing more aggressive side intakes.

The bumper, which is made of TPO, a material many OEMs use, uses the factory mounting points and is compatible with the factory sensors, costing $3,100. As for the said optional carbon fiber lip, this is offered for $800 and doesn’t fit the factory bumper.

Elsewhere, the BMW M4 and M3 ADRO body kit for side skirts (2,350 at the time of press) and a rear diffuser offered for $2,850. All the pieces mentioned above fit the standard and Competition M4 and M3, along with the M4 CSL.

In addition, there’s a $980 dry carbon rear spoiler for the G80 M3 sedan and G20 M340i, along with a pair of G82 M4 coupe pieces, namely a trunk spoiler ($980) and an aggressive swan neck wing retailing for $3,450.

However, the company has yet to mention anything about the availability for the G81 BMW M3 Touring (wagon). Speaking of which, have you seen this custom-built G81 M3 Touring CSL?

The ADRO body kit for the M4 and M3 is officially called a “facelift”. And while the specialist initially fitted two demo cars with its aero pieces, and you can check these out in the YouTube clips below.

In addition, the M4 in the photo gallery (lens tip to detailing specialist autoid) shows how the revised styling looks when covered in the Bavarian automaker’s Dravit Grey Metallic. And yes, those are aftermarket taillights inspired by those of the $140,000+ M4 CSL.



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