Bisimoto’s 650 HP Moby X Electric Porsche 935 Dream Debuts at SEMA 2022 

If you came to SEMA 2022—virtually or in person—expecting to find an ICE (internal combustion engine) safe heaven, you’ll be disappointed. From Dodge officially letting us know that its 2024 Charger electric muscle car will offer way more than 650 hp to countless aftermarket projects, the Las Vegas show is enjoying its fair share of battery-powered builds. And you’re looking at one of the mightiest out there, namely Bisimoto’s Moby X, a EV tribute to the legendary Porsche 935 Le Mans racers of the 1970s.

Nigerian-born Ndubisi Ezerioha, aka Bisi, has been modding cars under his Bisimoto label in California since the 1990s. And while his projects used to be all about internal combustion—you may have gawked at his 1,000 hp Honda Odyssey minivan—this engineer has fully embraced electrification.

As such, the Moby X is not Bisimoto’s first battery-powered 935 tribute, but it’s the most accomplished one to date. The project was supposed to be completed last year. However, as explained by digital artist and car designer Khyzyl “The Kyza” Saleem (have you seen his LTO Pagani Zonda V12-swapped RX-7 at SEMA?), its release was delayed by the global health crisis.

The extended 935 L(ook)

The artist reimagined the iconic silhouette of the Porsche 935L for this project (only the name comes from the 935/78 Moby Dick). However, the donor car was a 930. This is the 911 Turbo of the 964 G-Series generation, a beast that started ruling the streets back in 1975 and served as the starting point for the family of 935 motorsport tools.

Up front, there are aero-designed LED headlights flanking that gaping mouth. Moving on, we find extended side skirts and plenty of custom aero. However, the original 935 shape remains the dominant element here.

Even so, the 935L’s not-small wing had turned into a longtail-style extension, which moonlights as a rear light cluster. And would you look at the pair of NACA ducts adorning the rear cover!

The staggered Brixton Forged wheels are naked, skipping the Turbofan-style covers of previous Bisimoto 935-style builds. And, given the SEMA Toyo Tires Treadpass presence of the project, we don’t need to mention the kind of rubber wrapped around them. As for the connection to the chassis, this is done via KW suspension.

650 hp for a lightweight presence

The tech side of the vehicle seems to follow the recipe of the company’s previous 935 odes—here are Jay Leno and fellow comedian Reggie Watts enjoying Bisimoto’s 935 K3 earlier this year. Bisimoto has yet to publish the details, but photographer and builder Larry Chen tells us that the rear axle is now the home of some 650 hp, which is the kind of output you’d find on the most potent 911 currently in showrooms, the 992-gen Turbo S.

However, thanks to loads of instant electric torque (we’re assuming it borrows a Tesla Model S motor like previous Bisimoto creations), and a much better relationship with the scales, this 2,700+ lbs EV (weight also estimated based on similar projects) should leave the 3,560 lbs factory 992 Turbo trailing in its wake.

At 200 miles, the range is modest and we’re not sure what happens to that value if you go for a spirited drive on the Angeles Crest Highway just outside LA. And while that could always be sorted out by installing a larger battery, why would you want to add weight to a machine that’s destined for sprinting rather than cross-country road trips?

The cabin is rather spartan, as it should be for such a hardcore creation. So the array of Momo goodies (i.e. bucket seats, multi-point harnesses, and steering wheel) are accompanied by a massive roll cage and a digital dashboard. However, there is a bit of Porsche-customization-style color around the Le Mans-tradition, left-side ignition key slot. Speaking of which, the masterpiece that is the vehicle’s key comes from Formawekrs.

In fact, the project also included Acronym fashion label founder Errolson Hugh (livery) and LA-based creative director Rod Chong (concept work, but we’re not sure what that means).

SEMA 2022

Now, since we mentioned a virtual 2022 SEMA trip in the intro, the 11-minute Instagram video below sees Bisi taking us around the Toyo Treadpass, with the Moby X showing up around the 8:30 mark. And if you’re into details, we’ve already provided in-depth coverage of many projects accompanying the electric Neunelfer.



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