ADRO BMW M3 Touring Is a World First G81 Bumper Conversion

The world’s first ADRO BMW M3 Touring build has just been completed and we believe it will set a benchmark in the world of performance wagons. It takes the already exciting wagon version of the M3 to the next level with an aggressive new grille design as well as the kind of wheel, suspension, and exhaust upgrades BMW fans want.

YouTuber Mr JWW went to the same shop responsible for that ADRO M4 Coupe conversion we recently featured. AutoID are masters of BMW modification and they are doing great work with the new M2 as well. Bu why change the grille on the M3/M4?

BMW was heavily criticized for the design of the new M3 and M4. The two tall kidney grilles may have referenced the early days of Bavarian motors, but people called them beaver teeth. Many alternative designs were proposed by rendering artists and tuning companies, but only ADRO delivered on its promise.

The ADRO grille has a different, more aggressive shape. The bumper is a little deeper than the stock one, with an opening added below the double kidneys. This conversion obviously works for the M4, but also the M3 sedan and now the M3 Touring. What we find particularly noteworthy is that the ADRO bumper not only has factory parking sensors but also the front camera for the 360-view and the radar sensor.

People call the ADRO M3 “OEM+” because it looks like something BMW might have made. But other parts belong to the world of tuning. AutoID installed a new front spoiler, side skirts, and a large diffuser, all with a cool carbon fiber look. The ADRO BMW M3 Touring also comes with new carbon fiber mirror caps and a carbon roof spoiler.

The M3 Touring has kept its original metallic silver finish but has been upgraded with a set of 21-inch flow-forged HRE wheels. These are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. To get the stance right, AutoID left the rear suspension stock but lowered the front slightly with a new 20mm lowering kit from Eibach.

Mr JWW’s car also comes with other upgrades to his ADRO BMW M3 Touring such as the exhaust system. It’s a Miltek axle back exhaust system with butterfly valves and brushed titanium tips. Finally, the motorsport masterpiece is polished with a CSL-style headlight module system which turns the halos from white to yellow.



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