2024 BMW M2 With Maxton Body Kit Is the Coolest Triple Black Coupe

There’s a good chance the 2024 BMW M2 will be the last of its kind, a small, RWD BMW coupe with a manual gearbox. That means many owners don’t want to go overboard with modifications. Answering the call for subtle mods, Maxton Design has presented a subtle aero package for the M2 giving it that OEM+ look.

Not everybody can buy a $100,000 BMW M3 with $20,000 in mods on top. Maxton is a European company that sells affordable parts for some of the cheaper turbocharged toys out there, including Hyundai N models, the Golf GTI, or the Ford Focus ST. You can get their diffusers for around $200, which is why so many people have Maxton aero on their cars.

The new BMW M2 is a lot more expensive than a GTI, and this Maxton package reflects that. Some of these parts are downright exotic, with the carbon fiber rear wing looking like it came off a GT3 and comes with an integrated LED bar. It costs €3,400 by the way.

The first G87 M2 fitted with a Maxton kit is their demo car, and it has three carbon fiber parts, the side skirts (€1,099), the front splitter (€729), and the spoiler we mentioned.

But you can get a regular diffuser for just €199 or a splitter for the same kind of money. All these cheaper parts come pre-finished in gloss black, so there’s no need for paint. You don’t need to drill into the bodywork, which means your M2’s resale value isn’t affected.

Our favorite parts are the front bumper wings/canards, which match the character of the A45 AMG, a direct rival to the M2. A small spoiler can also be added to the rear window, while aero roof rails give it that classic race car look.

Of course, the point of adding aero to the BMW M2 is to add a little bit of downforce, or at least reduce high-speed lift. The diffuser and spoiler probably do very little unless you also lower the suspension, but that wing looks like a serious piece of kit which will help the M2 find a little bit more traction.

Unlike rivals such as the CLA45 or the RS3, the M2 remains a rear-wheel-drive car. And it’s the most powerful generation over. Under the hood is a twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-6 making 453 horsepower and 406 pound-ft of torque. The biggest piece of rubber fitted by BMW is 285/30 ZR20 at the back of the car. Of course, this tuned example has custom wheels, which appear to be larger.



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