Kylie Jenner’s Mercedes-AMG G63 Shows Rare Brabus Adventure Custom Parts

The Kardashian family is partly responsible for making the G-Wagon famous as a luxury vehicle for celebs, so it’s only natural that Kylie Jenner would have a G63. However, we noticed her example of the German 4×4 features custom equipment that virtually nobody else has, at least when it comes to celebrities.

Kylie has always been a fan of the Mercedes G-Class SUV and owned several different examples. She had at least two from the previous generation made until 2018, a G63 AMG and the G550 4×4 Squared in bright orange.

From the W463 generation (the current one), she’s been seen in two flavors of the G63. They were finished in desert sand and dark gray, and because these are official Mercedes colors, I don’t think those were wraps, meaning she had two separate ones.

This, on the other hand, is way more custom. At its core, this is probably another G63, although it’s been heavily customized using Brabus parts. The work was probably done at Platinum Motorsport, a shop that handles a lot of high-end celebrity vehicles like this.

The G63 has some of the body kit from normal G63 widebody conversions. It’s dubbed the “Widestar” and fits on post-2019 models, often done in combination with the G700 Brabus power pack or even part of the 900 Rocket Edition (those are the power outputs, 700 and 900 hp).


Kylie’s G-Wagon has the Widestar fenders and bumper, and even the carbon fiber hoot add-on, but not the Brabus grille with the “B” logo. After that, the mods become off-road rather than sports-focused.

All of them come from the Brabus Adventure, basically designed for the most expensive overland vehicles in this segment. You’ve got the Adventure-specific bull bar with an integrated winch at the front and the wind deflector above the windshield. With its four LED auxiliary headlamps, this improves terrain illumination for nighttime off-roading.

Another useful feature is a large, robust luggage rack that spans the entire roof. This is always supposed to come with a ladder at the back, but I obviously can’t see it here.

Those exact wheels were present on the Brabus Adventure XLP, so we know that the all-terrain tires should limit the top speed of the vehicle down to just 130 mph (210 km/h). The Jenner mobile appears to have a suspension lift as well, and we didn’t forget to mention the pearl metallic wrap; it’s just a little underwhelming compared to the rest of the vehicle.

It’s impossible to say what she paid for the mods or the vehicle. However, Brabus-modified versions of the G63 often sell with the 800 horsepower engine package and cost up to $500,000. It’s a lot of money, but it makes sense when you see the Maybachs, the Rolls-Royce, and the Lamborghini in the background of these shots.



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