Jeep Grand Cherokee “Slab” on Extra-Wide Wheels: It’s a Texas Thing

As one of the oldest and most iconic American SUVs, the Jeep Grand Cherokee gets its share of attention from the custom scene. It’s been used for everything from drag racing to showing off, but I doubt there’s ever been a Jeep Grand Cherokee “slab.”

Slabs have been a core part of the custom car scene in Houston, Texas for many years. They haven’t received nearly as much media attention as high-riders, sometimes known as donks. However, you could argue that these pay tribute to old Cadillac wheels and are a little bit more traditional, thus classier. Also, there’s no cutting into the bodywork here.

This Jeep is by no means subtle. Part of the “purple rain” fleet, the wrapped Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is one of the most attention-grabbing rides in the Texas car scene. For the most part, the SUV is stock, but you just can’t look away from the wheels, which make it as wide as a tank.

The wheels are 20-inch G24s. Confused? So were we. The first measurement is the diameter. In combination with these skinny tires, the 20s almost look like space-saver spares… if they ever made them in a classic wire-spoke design and white walls.

The G24 name indicates that these stick out 24 inches on either side of the car. That’s right, the Jeep is now 4 whole feet wider than stock. The thick chromed spokes sticking out of the car look absolutely terrifying, like the ancient Roman chariots that cut people in half… or the dwarf ones in The Hobbit.

And to give credit where credit is due, these wheels were fitted by Unique Auto Designs only last month. It’s possible that this is one of their showcase/shop vehicles, and it also boasts a custom tanned leather interior.

Slab is said to be an acronym for Slow Loud and Bangin’. However, the extravagant design originates in 1970s cinema, and with old full-sized Chevy or Cadillac sedans looking like giant slabs of stone, it’s possible the acronym was created only later.

The other term, swanga or swanger, is related to “swinging” which is the way these cars show off, by slowly swinging from side to side, often taking up a lot of room on the road. And on classic slab models, you’re supposed to have a matching spare wheel at the back with a speaker system and neon signs in the trunk.



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