2,000 HP Diesel Ford F-150 “Crazyhorse” Is a Nitrous-Guzzling, Flame-Spitting Race Truck from Hell

A diesel truck is about as far from the idea of a drag racing contraption as you can get with a regular driver’s license. Well, this is precisely why certain enthusiasts love turning these oil-burning workhorses into velocity beasts. So, if this kind of build floats your boat, a machine like this 2,000 horsepower diesel Ford F-150 should be a poster truck.

Given the beastly output number of this Blue Oval truck, one might tend to expect a no expense spared build. Then again, there are many ways to put together a 2,000-pony pickup, and this particular project, which is nicknamed Crazyhorse, is built around the idea of keeping the costs in check.

Thus, the 6.7-liter Cummins motor was sleeved, with the straight-six now packing a displacement of 5.9 liters. This was done for durability, as the motor has to deal with the boost coming from a GT5588 turbo, as well as plenty of nitrous.

As Nathan Wheeler, the owner of the Ford, explains in the 1320video below, he currently uses four nitrous kit, which accounts for about 500 of those horses, albeit with the gas being spread throughout the duration of the quarter-mile run.

All four wheels are shod in Hoosier slicks, getting the power via a built Ford 4R four-speed automatic tranny.

Returning to how this build avoids pushing the financial side through the roof, the F-150 still comes with a stock ECU, chassis (from the nose to the cab), and others, while steering clear of expensive hardware such as a trans brake.

However, the tubular structure at the back reveals that the bed is no used to house the nitrous bottles, cooling hardware, as well as the parachute.

Despite the fiberglass nose and the Lexan windows—the latter are some of the parts installed by the owner himself—the Ford still tips the scales at around 4,600 lbs (2,080 kg).

The most recent Texas racing adventure for Crazyhorse

Crazyhorse was caught on camera while attending an event at the Yello Belly race track in Texas (4:30 timestamp).

The truck battled multiple opponents and the takeaway is that you can’t win them all, even when you’ve got almost four times as much horsepower as the current Gen III F-150 Raptor.

Oh, and you shouldn’t imagine that the AWD allows the Ford to drive like it’s on rails, as putting all the muscle to the road means the driver has to do quite a bit of steering wheel work.



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