1965 Chevy C10 “Warpath” Hides Twin-Turbo HEMI Under Fake Patina, Runs 3s 1/8-Mile

Welcome to the first full-size pickup truck ever to run the 1/8-mile in 3 seconds. It’s a fully-custom 1965 Chevy C10 called Warpath. Don’t let the patina fool you; this thing is fully modern and ready to race.

The vehicle belongs to one of the coolest guys in the world of drag racing, Florida’s Grant Guthrie. He’s making a track comeback in a big way, and this Chevy C10 is something he wanted to have ever since learning how to drive.

What you see now is only masquerading as an old truck. It started off as an Indian Red C10 that Guthrie bought off an old tobacco farmer in Georgia. The original steel cab has been kept, but not much else.

The truck supports itself using a 25.3-certified tube chassis that goes through everything. Most of the other parts are custom carbon fiber components, one-offs. This includes the sides of the bed, the doors, and the front end, which is one big, easy-to-remove clip. If you ever want a carbon C10, now you know who to call.

Using carbon has allowed this record-setting 1965 Chevy truck to weigh only around 2,900 lbs. We just love the full detailing video put together by 1320video. With the front clip removed, you can see one heck of an engine under there, pushed right up against the custom firewall.

To carve a Warpath

While you’d expect to see a Chevy big block being used, that’s actually a BAE Brad5 HEMI paired with twin Precision 106mm turbochargers. She’s running a Holley ECU and smart coils, as well as a custom billet intake. The engine is hooked up to a two-speed M&M Turbo 400 transmission with a ProTorque converter.

The massive 315 Pro Drag Radials and what look like Weld wheels are supported by QA shocks at the rear and Strange Engineering struts at the front.

The name Warpath is a nod to the Indian Red paint that was originally on the C10 and also the fact that owner Grant is a Creek Indian native American himself. But don’t be fulled by the teal green and white patina, which is just a clever custom wrap.

In any case, let’s listen to what driver Lyle Barnett has to say about Warpath. This man has been through a pretty serious accident and shows no fear of piloting the fastest C10 in the world.



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