1,000 HP Twin-Turbo Ram TTRX Is Compound Boost Win, Can It Top a Lambo?

Does a Ram TRX need a twin-turbo kit? Well, it depends on whom you ask. Some people will say that even the factory supercharged 702 hp is too much for a truck, while others will tell you that adding twin turbos for compound boost delights with up to 1,000 horsepower is just what the hooning doctor ordered. And it’s not difficult to establish in which category YouTuber Street Speed 717 belongs, as he just unveiled such a contraption.

Michael Hyssong, to use the enthusiast’s real name, has a history with TRXs. It all started when the vlogger jumped a brand new truck of the sort over a creek in Pennsylvania back in January last year. He caused serious damage to the vehicle and got fined $53,000 for damage to the body of water, following an investigation by the state’s Fish and Boat Commission. However, he also boosted his already-popular YouTube channel, which, at the time of this writing, has 1.21M subscribers.

The man bought another TRX shortly after, as well as securing a property that he transformed into a bit of an off-road playground, ramp included. Among others, he used that piece of land to jump a third TRX he got, this time an Ignition Edition (limited model) over another vehicle from his garage, namely a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ—also a limited edition, the Superveloce Jotta trades hands four around $800,000 or more these days.

And Mike now wonders how he could make more… reasonable use of the two vehicles on camera, so he came up with the idea of racing the TRX Ignition Edition and the Aventador SVJ. Sure, the pumped-up truck wouldn’t stand a chance against the V12 supercar, so where did the YouTuber got the idea from?

Well, it sort of came naturally after he had his TRX Ignition Edition fitted with a pair of turbochargers that feed bost into the factory blower of the 6.2L V8—yes, you can achieve similar horsepower without adding turbos to a Hellcat V8, but this is now what the present build is about.

However, if that sort of setup sounds familiar, it could be thanks to the similar hardware used by the 2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody of YouTuber itsjusta6—here’s the compound boost Hellcat racing a McLaren 600LT.

Street Speed 717’s Twin-Turbo Ram TRX (compound boost)

Until we get a future video showcasing the RAM, which we’ve decided to call TTRX for obvious reasons, duking it out with the 770 hp V12 Raging Bull, we have to mention that Mike’s build already won a race.

As hinted in the video below (multiple times), this project was released ahead of another twin-turbo TRX Ignition Edition that’s being prepared by YouTuber Westen Champlin (currently at 2.04 million subs, in case you’re wondering).

Regardless, this build was handled by New Jersey-based Ripatuned, a shop that focuses on Gen III HEMIs like the Hellcat V8 under the hood of the TTRX. Note that only the motor sits in there, while the turbos are located underneath the vehicle, just before the rear axle.

The boost hardware is protected by the factory skid plate, even though it appears that some extra protection could come in handy for when this off-road-biased performance truck tackles rough terrain. For the record, Mike does jump the vehicle and drifts it at the location mentioned above, but the muddy play isn’t anywhere near the terrain-taming limit of the Ram.

To be more precise, the engine bay also holds new injectors and an oil catch can in the custom 4-inch intake (the can captures any excess oil that might be present in the intake, preventing it from reaching the cylinders). Then there’s the charge pipe sitting behind the front fender liner, which means the truck can still use 37-inch tires, the largest available using the factory suspension.

Twin-Turbo Ram TRX vs. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

And while some road racing (against the YouTuber’s stock TRX) is present in this video, one’s mind naturally wanders off to that future battle against the Aventador SVJ.

Note that while the 770 hp Lambo might not be as powerful as the TTRX (900 hp on 93-octane pump gas and 1,000 hp on an ethanol-gas mix), it also packs AWD and is some 2,900 lbs (1,300 kg) lighter, without taking the added weight of the Ram’s turbo system into account. But who says the race has to take place on asphalt (you never know with YouTube)?



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