WhistlinDiesel Bought His First Ferrari, a Red F8: $330,000 Supercar Durability Testing?

WhistlinDiesel has just posted a picture of himself standing on the roof of a Ferrari F8 that he just bought. While he may not be the first rich/famous person to buy a Ferrari, the company has tried everything it can to keep its supercars out of his reach because everything this YouTuber touches, he destroys. The cease and desist letter has probably already been written!

There’s a good reason why WhistlinDiesel is so popular; the YouTuber does extreme and quite controversial automotive stunts, sometimes involving cars that everyone loves or at least respects. This included dropping a Mercedes-AMG G63 from a crane, wrecking its suspension in the desert, or driving a Dodge Challenger Hellcat on horse buggy wheels. Most recently, he’s also bought a tank, of all things, and wrecked a helicopter as well.

Now, the Ferrari F8 wouldn’t be his first supercar. Just last year, WhistlinDiesel bought a twin-turbo Lamborghini Huracan from fellow YouTuber Tj Hunt. But while the two are similar in power, the companies selling them act quite differently.

Lamborghini likes its owners living on the wild side, modifying their exotics, and doing as they see fit. Ferrari, on the other hand, sues people for stepping out of line and doing anything that goes against its brand image.

We predict that within a week, WhistlinDiesel will post a video of him damaging the F8, probably thrashing it until the engine or gearbox gives out. On one hand, this is a $330,000 supercar that many dreams of owning. But on the other, it’s his property.

And so it begins…

Probably the most famous Ferrari vs. owner event was when Deadmau5 received a “cease and desist” order. Back in 2014, the DJ did a wrap (made for the Gumball 3000) of his 458 Spider nicknamed the “Purrari” because it featured the internet-famous meme, Nyan Cat. Everybody liked it… except for Ferrari USA, which didn’t like the prancing cat fake logos.

Not only did Deadmau5 change the logos, but he was apparently required to offer his car to a Ferrari dealer first if he wanted to sell. So, you see, they try to control who can own their cars.

We’re not making things up. In fact, WhistlinDiesel has tried for many months now to buy a Ferrari and potentially destroy it. No dealer would sell him one, and it seems his red F8 supercar had to come from the Ferrari used car owner forums.

Another famous case: German fashion designer Philipp Plein wanted to promote his green shoes by placing them on top of his green Ferrari 812 Superfast. But, Ferrari didn’t like that at all, probably because this multi-billion dollar company sells a lot of branded shoes.

It’s safe to say that after WhistlinDiesel gets his letter from the Ferrari USA lawyers, he will also be blacklisted from ever owning one of their supercars ever again. There’s a long list of celebrities on this list, and although this is not officially confirmed, they have never owned a Ferrari past these respective incidents.

Justin Bieber reportedly can’t own a Ferrari after doing a Liberty Walk widebody and blue wrap on his old 458 Italia. After backlash in the media, Ferrari officially stated Bieber can still buy regular models, just not exclusive ones like the LaFerrari. Tyga is reportedly also banned for the bad publicity Ferrari received when his 458 got repossessed, while Floyd Mayweather didn’t respect his contract with the company by essentially flipping his Enzo.

Update: first Ferrari destruction video has been released

Just as we predicted, WhistlinDiesel has bought the Ferrari with the clear purpose of angering this litigious company. You can watch the carnage video at the bottom of this story, but know that there is more happening behind the scenes. For example, the F8’s interior had to be stripped out before to deactivate all the airbags so they don’t accidentally go off.



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