Production Ferrari 812 Replacement (F167) Shows Classic Look With Lighter Camo

The UK has recently joined the EU in pushing back the ban on selling new ICE vehicles from 2030 to 2035. So it won’t be just regions like North America or China that get more time to enjoy rolling pieces of art such as the upcoming Ferrari 812 replacement (codename F167), which was recently spotted testing without the heavy black camouflage for the first time.

Until now, prototypes of the Ferrari 812 replacement came in two forms, both of which are still rolling around: test mules that hide the new technology and a V12 under the Roma body, as well as F167 test cars wearing an extra set of camouflage that completely hides the shape and details of this super GT.

However, as stated in the intro, the 812 replacement test car we have here only packs the psychedelic wrap camouflage, along with some faux body parts. The prototype was recently caught on camera close to the Ferrari factory in Maranello by Derek Cornelissen (aka

Even with the remaining camo, we can notice quite a few visual traits of the F167. The classic Ferrari V12 front-mid-engined proportions are obviously here, and the main takeaways include the front-end design with a smaller mouth than that of the 812, along with a compact rear side window.

Compared to the 812, Ferrari’s upcoming V12 model will sport more classic styling cues, which should give it a timeless presence. Overall, the upcoming Prancing Horse appears shorter than the 812, especially in terms of the wheelbase, which brings increased agility and smoother handling in urban conditions.

It won’t be a hybrid

Like others before it, the prototype we have here lacks any yellow stickers announcing the presence of high-voltage systems. This indicates the 812 replacement won’t be a hybrid. However, given the fines carmakers pay over emissions and the ever-stricter standards in this regard, you can expect the N/A V12 engine of the F167 to be free of electrification. For one, while the latest V12 Ferrari on the market, the Purosangue SUV, features 48V electric motors, these are used for its incredibly complex suspension rather than for propulsion.

As far as the output goes, the V12 of the F167 will sit somewhere between the 630 hp (740 PS) of the 812 Superfast and the 799 hp (810 PS) delivered by the Monza SP1 Icona Series special based on the 812. And while the torque figure will be greater than the 509 lb-ft (690 Nm) of the 812 Superfast, the increase won’t be monumental.

The expected mild-hybrid approach of the Ferrari F167 will further increase the space between this RWD Prancing Horse and its closest Lamborghini competitor, the Revuelto, which is a plug-in hybrid with AWD.

The cabin

The interior of the 812 replacement is expected to take a cue from the cabin of the Purosangue, which Ferrari is currently offering exclusively with an N/A V12. By the way, have you seen this extreme camouflage/Minecraft-spec Purosangue that’s probably owned by Fiat heir Lapo Elkann?

Too many similitudes between the two aren’t good new, though. So while the cabin of the Purosangue offers impressive infotainment and larger screens, along with generous room up front and in the back, the physical buttons have been traded for haptic feedback.

So while other carmakers are reversing their decision to go fully digital in terms of cabin controls, Ferrari has pushed ahead with this, even using a haptic control on the steering wheel to wake up that V12. As you can imagine, the varying reactions of the haptic hardware are not something you want in such a fast car, with physical controls that are easy to operate while one’s eyes are on the road being more desirable.

Ferrari 812 replacement (F167) release date and pricing

With Ferrari having stopped taking orders for the 812 early last year, its F167-codenamed replacement should have its public debut in the first half of 2024. However, as it happens with these Prancing Horses, select groups of potential buyers will get a chance to see the car ahead of that schedule.

Once the F167 coupe is introduced, Ferrari will release a GTS open-top model, which is rumored to come with a hardtop.

Back in 2021, the Ferrari 812 Superfast had an MSRP of $360,000. However, you can expect the F167’s base price to sit well above $400,000. Of course, nobody buys these Fezzas without options, and this is where the Ferrari Atelier and Ferrari Tailor Made program will come into play.



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