Twin-Turbo 2024 Ford Mustang (S650) Debuts in CGI, Real Twin-Turbo Kit Under Development

It’s been a little over a week since Ford introduced the 2024 Mustang and people are excited about the new S650. Some are so enthusiastic that they’ve already started discussing further performance variants, be they official or not. For one, an aftermarket specialist has already teased a twin-turbo kit for the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse, which is arguably the equivalent of the outgoing Mach 1. However, we can feast our eyes on a twin-turbo S650 Mustang here and now, all thanks to the first 3D model of the pony.

When we covered the topic of how the locked ECU of the S650 Mustang will make life more difficult for tuners, we included a list of big names that had announced developments for the seventh-generation pony. Well, we need to add Fathouse Fabrications to the list.

The Indiana-based specialist is involved with the development of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Code Red, the 1,300 hp animal built by Shelby American. And, as you can see in the Facebook teaser below, the Fathouse Fabrications talks about a Dark Horse 1000R Twin Turbo while showcasing a photo of the Dark Horse.

Nevertheless, since the first 2024 Mustangs won’t reach their U.S. customers until next summer, one might wish to play with the idea of a twin-turbo S650 right now. And this is precisely what digital artist and automotive CAD designer Taehee Tim Lee (aka timthespy) has done—the story continues below the image.

The first 3D model of the 2024 Mustang and its twin-turbo application

The enthusiast, who studied automotive engineering at the University of California at Irvine, immersed himself in countless photos and videos of the seventh-generation Mustang and came up with the first 3D model of the muscle car. And while you can find a stock example on his Instagram page, we’re more interested in the… really dark horse shown here.

This 2024 Mustang features a twin-turbo kit, which serves not the new Gen IV Coyote, but the 5.2L Aluminator XS crate engine. Introduced back in 2016, the unit mixes the 5.2L Voodoo block of the Shelby GT350 with a cross-plane crank and a different high-lift cam setup, making 570 hp in naturally aspirated form. And while making the artist’s dream happen—turbocharging the V8—would probably require some serious work (i.e. reducing the aggressive 12:1 compression ratio), this would undoubtedly result in a highly impressive output.

The widebody kit CGI for the S650 Mustang

Of course, the added muscle asks for some updates in the handling department. And this is where the wider tracks and custom wheels come in handy, even though we only get to see the widebody kit completing the setup.

Factor in the air suspension-derived stance, as well as the aggressive aero (e.g. hood scoop, front splitter, rear diffuser, wickerbill) and you’ll end up with a memorable presence.

And we’re thankful the artist didn’t fully make use of the captivating halo lights he added to the lower front bumper. After all, blinding us means we wouldn’t get to notice the air intake on the hood or how this is protruded by a cheeky exhaust setup that has “turbo” written all over it.



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