The Lamborghini Kountach Is a Guaranteed Future Digital Classic in Neo Vice

The Countach (let’s just take a moment to acknowledge this monumental presence), widebody, wing, wheels, the works, this is a well-executed supercar rendering. But what if, maybe, all the stars/pixels aligning for this piece of work to exist, from Lamborghini reviving the name with the recent Aventador-based Countach LPI 800-4, to this independent artist working his magic seamlessly into the styling of the Italian, what if this is a once-in-a-generation moment? (whatever that unit of time might mean to one).

I believe that could be true and I’ve done my best to describe The Khyza’s and his brilliant pixel peers’ work in writing for the better part of a decade, since the day he was at cutting edge of the 2D wave.

Meanwhile, Khyzyl Saleem kept his PC plugged to the London power grid, designing cars for the NFS series, entering the ranks of the pioneers in the 3D age, and reaching into the real world with SEMA builds, his own Live to Offend body kit company. and a lot of chatting with the world on social media.

La macchina

With all the rendering stuff going on daily, it feels like this fully remastered Countach, which I proceded to call Kountach thanks to obvious reasons, helps one capture the zeitgeist or whatever we call the thing us car people do here on the Internet when comparing such 3D work against the latest standards of the multiverse.


Kyzyl saw the Raging Bull taking on the opportunity to revive the 1980s icon while production cars (err, Italian exotics) are still allowed to breathe through all twelve cylinders. And, as he explains in the Hagerty YouTube video below, which brings us into his daily hustle, he enjoyed the Sant’Agata Bolognese tribute in his way, which, you know, kind of means applauding the car while taking it apart and putting it back together with a little bit of idiosyncrasy that many other people also resonate with.

Il metodo

The Countach is an organic time machine straight from the factory. It took people into the future back when Italian design icon Marcello Gandini penned it back in the 70s, as well as sitting at the forefront of the 80s funk.

Nowadays a classic Countach sends those who gaze at it back in the days of simpler excess, while the official design (the LPI 800-4, which is present in the YT clip) has a similar effect on beholders.

Well, the Kountach does something a bit different-in his mission to imbue the retro design with the kind of vibe you’d expect from a car bought with virtual coins these days (this is not an NFT, at least not for now), the artist seems to have awakened some Diablo vibes, which is not entirely surprising if you think about the 90s life of the latter.

The wing is closer to the original and there are links to the illegally conspicuous Anniversary edition and a dive into the official Lamborghini concept car pool of design ideas. Basically, most of the areas your eyes first fall on when being greeted by this Lamborghini, have been resculpted, with the extent of the integration making it seem like this is a Sant’Agata Bolognese creation from a parallel universe, one that other top-rank digital creators with a thing for the Italian brand also inhabit-here’s a short movie to tell such a story.

And if you happen to have daily driving complains, the artist seems to addres these towads the end of the video.

Be it in writing or on camera, the Khyza describes his work in a way that makes it seem he’s incessantly looking for the next step up. Which is probably why his work shows this remarkable maturity, determining an enthusiast like myself to get up in the middle of the night, notice the render on Insta, and hit the keyboard with the smile of a little boy witnessing a Lamborghini for the first time.

The RPM (real project in the making) Potential

Let me just say this: this artist once rendered a retro-futuristic Countach and it turned into a daring build, albeit with the EV twist of the 3D work making room for a good ole V8 on the replica-based real-world project Daily Driven Exotics unveiled back in November 2021 at SEMA-you can check it out in the second YT clip below, so you know why we gave this Kountach an 8/10 RPM Potential rating.



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