Slammed 2024 Ford Mustang “SEMA Ghost” Flexes Digital Widebody, Carbon Components

As we prepare for the 2022 SEMA show, with the Las Vegas event set to open its gates on November 1st, we can tell you that one of this year’s greatest debuts won’t be present. That would be the all-new 2024 Mustang unveiled last month, whose deliveries will only kick off next summer (we’ll get back to one extra reason below). However, this hasn’t kept some of social media’s uber-active digital artists from CGI-modding the S650 Mustang for our viewing pleasure, hence the title.

This 2024 Mustang rendering shows the pony in slammed, widebody form, while drawing inspiration from the world of gaming. And it’s quite a riot, carbon treatment included.

However, before we zoom in on the captivating 3D work, allow us to remind you, as of the writing of this article, the list of carmakers that have pulled out of the 2022 SEMA show includes GM, Ford, Hyundai, and Honda.

With the global health crisis having seen the 2020 edition getting canceled and the 2021 SEMA being limited, this seems like quite a blow for the aftermarket industry. And while the official releases of the big names listed above only have positive words for SEMA, we believe that, as is the case with some of the biggest international motor shows, carmakers simply prefer to showcase their machines online and use the SEMA funds for other activities.

We can at least take comfort in the fact that some of the said automakers still support SEMA indirectly. For instance, Honda, which went back and forth on the 2022 withdrawal before finally opting out, supplied Hoonigan with nothing less than a current-gen IndyCar V6 engine and a Ridgeline truck to wrap around it for the custom car event.

The Jetform 2024 Mustang sitting before us

Digital artist Taehee Tim Lee (aka timthespy) built the standard 3D model for this 2024 Mustang GT—he’s already given us a GT500-like iteration of the S650. As for the wicked custom touches redefining the muscle car, these come from fellow pixel master Peter Kevin Kargbo (aka karg_z).

The latter nicknamed this 2024 Mustang GT “JETFORM”, with the branding even being visible on the side of the vehicle thanks to decals. And the fighter jet vibz meet an overall take that reminds one of the Need for Speed series. The NFS aura isn’t just reflected in the exuberant aura of the added aero, but also in the overall style of these immersive images.

And if the flamboyant overfenders and the massive tail extension don’t get to you, perhaps the carbon elements adorning the lower body or the air suspension tucking the wheels into those overfenders will.

Lack of SEMA presence aside, the seventh-generation Mustang will be no exception to the infinite aftermarket attention that each generation of the pony has received. Nevertheless, we’ll remind you that the ECU of the revised Gen IV Coyote is encrypted, which means that only approved tuners will get to play with the V8.



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