Retro-Futuristic 1965 Ford Mustang Displays Electric Muscle in Neo Tokyo Render

Restomodding classics in a way that involves electric powertrains is now a trend, so we guess you could say the EV-converted 1965 Mustang portrayed in the rendering that now occupies our screen is normal. However, that’s only true if you follow the pony’s description without throwing so much as a glance at the thing. However, once your eyes land on the heavily reworked ‘Stang, it becomes obvious that this fast Ford is a rebel among rebels.

While most EV restomods keep their electron juice-sipping hardware below the surface, most of this beast’s hood is now gone, with its place being taken by a monstrous electric setup.

Fret not, the newfound muscle still feeds the rear axle and since electric motors deliver all their torque from the get-go, the rear tires get a severe punishment, as clearly depicted in the image.

And other pieces of the Mustang have gone missing, which is even more spectacular when you consider the fact that we’re dealing with the original pony.

The front fenders couldn’t accommodate the massive wheels, while it seems that the rear ones were seriously reworked, with the super-sized rear wheels now threatening the dominant status of the fastback profile—we can only imagine what such deep changes have required in terms of chassis work.

The whole image has a powerful Neo Tokyo vibe. You know, the imaginary, futuristic incarnation of the Japanese capital found in manga, anime, and video games.

Then again, Damon Moran, the artist behind these pixels, happens to know a thing about fictional universes. Born in Southern California, the enthusiast’s work has already greeted us in production from studios such as Cartoon Network, Dreamworks TV, Nickelodeon, and Warner Brothers.

Then we have the Cyberpunk details—these alone would be enough to set the Fastback apart, even without the said electric conversion of the muscle car.

And, thanks to Moran’s Instagram post below, we can feast our eyes on multiple layers of this heavily reworked ’65 Mustang, which seems quite well prepared for the kind of intense action you’d want to indulge in while immersing yourself in pop culture.



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