Mid-Engined Jeep Wrangler “Formula Jeep” Is Digitally Chopped into F1 Shape

Visit drag strips across America and you may notice that prepped surface builds based on Jeeps are quite popular. And we’re not even talking about the factory Hellcat-gifted Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Instead, we’re referring to Wrangler and even Willys-based drag strip heroes. So, how about a Jeep Gladiator that’s been taken down a different motorsport route, being intertwined with a Formula One car? Meet the “Formula Jeep” rendering!

The closest you can get to a link between the American automaker and Formula One is discussing fellow Stellantis member Alfa Romeo’s return to the Great Circus. But that concerns the real world, whereas this 3D work has no problem crossing the boundaries between off-roading and lapping circuits from across the world at frightening speeds.

Munich-based Venezuelan art director/designer Leo Esteves (aka les83machines), who is responsible for the project, is no stranger to quirky mashups, as his Neon Genesis Evangelion 3D-printed mod for Nike’s Blazer Low sneakers has come to show.

For this adventure, the artist started with Gladiator, giving the Wrangler-based truck a complete makeover rather than simply throwing on some F1 wheels and placing a big wing where the bed ends.

And while we’ve seen our fair share of extremely modded Gladiators—YouTuber The Stradman did a 6×6 conversion with a 1,000 HP 426 Hellephant crate daddy—this CGI one, which we’ve gifted with the nickname in the title, seems to top them all.

With the exception of the massive fender flares, all the factory Gladiator body panels are still in place. Then again, the original chassis was replaced by a custom piece which is neatly tucked under the said stock body, while the F1-style suspension arms extend to the sides of the vehicle, giving this a one-of-a-kind widebody look.

The cabin now features a central driving position (of course!), while being adorned with a roll cage and a Formula One seat and safety harness.

Factory, but not so much

The traditional Jeep seven-slot grille is very much present and without any ludicrous downforce additions—a bumper removal was apparently enough.

And while we can still see a radiator behind that grille, it appears that the engine has been relocated to a midship position, with at least a part of it sitting low inside the bed.

The rear bumper has also been removed, with its place being taken by a diffuser sporting the characteristic mid-mounted F1 fog light.

Right now, it would be only natural for you to wonder why anybody would come up with such an odd project. Well, things sometimes get similarly unusual in real life and we’ve brought along an example in the video below.

The clip sees the crew over at Driven Media fitting a Caterham with a set of Formula One wheels and tires, adapters and all. There’s none of the massive downforce this rubber is designed to work with, while it’s no secret that such tires must be brought up to temperature before delivering proper grip. So, what could go wrong?



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