Mid-Engined Chevy Camaro Looks Sinister in C8 Corvette-Based Rendering

GM has all but given up on the Camaro, while the muscle car segment is undoubtedly on the ropes as well. But despite the flawed front-end design of the current Chevy pony car, we still think it’s amazing. Scrolling through social media, there’s no shortage of builds and fans who drop big money on carbon fiber parts.

Some of those aren’t real, just like this mid-engined Chevy Camaro put together by artist Rostislav Prokop. We mention this just in case you were wondering why your Camaro doesn’t have the particular proportions that brought you to this story.

Now, this 3D model has been around since early 2020, when the rendering boom was in full force. And at that time, every artist wanted to make mid-engined fantasy cars, since the “$60,000” Corvette was the talk of the town. Sportscars and muscle cars were often targeted, and Rostislav managed to connect the C8 with its less fortunate sibling somehow.

The outcome is a car that looks like everything and nothing. Taillights and headlights resemble those of previous Camaro muscle cars. Meanwhile, the bodywork is like a C8 Corvette’s but modified with a widebody look. New air intakes have also been grafted on. And when you look at it from afar, the whole thing resembles the BMW i8.

Why the engine in the middle?

You only need to read any statement from the C8 Corvette engineers to understand why things are the way they are. Moving the small-block V8 back there improves weight balance, which in turn creates better traction, making the car faster with the same amount of power.

Also handling is improved, so you get an all-around better car. Of course, there’s no denying the wow factor of the first American sportscar with a Lamborghini-like shape. Which is like finding out the girl next door is secretly also a spy, and a master baker, and a millionaire. Oh, and she secretly likes you.



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