Mercedes Pajero G-Wagon Evolution Is a Digital SUV That Mitsubishi Never Built

The negative sentiment surrounding SUVs is going down. But there is still one that gets a lot of hate, the Mercedes G-Wagon, or the Mercedes-AMG G63, if you want to be precise. So what will a digital artist do with the 4×4 that he hates the most? Why, he turns it into a modern successor of the Mitsubishi Pajero‚Ķ with Mercedes badges, of course.

It’s often difficult to explain why we love renderings. You can’t drive them, show them off to the neighbors or buff their paint. Yet everything Khyzyl Saleem aka the_kyza makes is cool, especially this.

In one swoop, he gives the automotive world a reason to remember the iconic Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution while putting a different spin on the Mercedes G-Wagon design. The car world is full of fakes: fake exhausts, fake vents, faking emissions, and fake features. That’s why we’re obsessed with real SUVs which are witnessing a resurrection.

YouTubers love to put the Land Rover Defender, Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler, and Mercedes G-Wagon together because they seem to have all the heritage. However, there’s so much more we left behind, and the Pajero Evolution is a great example.

Of course, the Lancer Evo is what enthusiasts say they really want, but that’s not happening. So instead, maybe we should ask the Nissan overlords to fund a new Pajero and let Mitsubishi relive its glory days in the off-road scene.

The SUVs that Kyza loves and hates

The Pajero Evolution is two things, a real race car and a road-going version built for homologation, like the GR Yaris. While the vehicle made its competitive debut in the early 1980s, Kyza is clearly working off the lines of the 1997 to 1999 street version.

All its features are shoehorned onto the G-Wagon in a way that gives this familiar SUV a new identity. Mostly, it’s about a short body that’s boxed in with massive fender flares. The Evolution model also has two distinctive hood scoops, which work well on the G63, just like a Brabus widebody kit would.

Mud flaps sell the road-going rally racer look, as does the spoiler. But the body is still that of a Mercedes, down to the grille, even though the square LED lights area a clear Pajero feature.

The differences between these two SUVs are what makes this such an interesting rendering. The Pajero Evolution was a small two-door thing with fully independent suspension at both corners. It packed a 3.5-liter V6 making 275 hp at 6,500rpm. Meanwhile, the G63 is this lazy boy of off-roaders, packing all the power you’d need to get your grande Carmel macchiato: 577 horsepower from a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8.

Oh, and you’d think the G63 weighs twice as much as this rally car from the late 1990s. But the Mitsu’ Evolution is quoted at 4,343 lbs (1,970 kg), so it’s not exactly light.



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