Lamborghini Urus “CentUrus” Has Centenario Digital Widebody Kit

It’s often said that the Urus is the Lamborghini of SUV. Technically, that’s true, but it has gone through the same transformations as its V10 and V12 counterparts. There hasn’t been a full-carbon Urus to match the Sesto Elemento and especially no $3 million SUV that matches the price and exclusivity of a Centenario.

Both Lamborghini and Ferrari like to make special versions of their V12s. These not only attract customers with deep pockets but also tremendously boost the notoriety of the brands. The Centenario is part of that crop of Lamborghinis, an exclusive addition to its range.

It’s actually an old car now, having made its debut way back in 2016. But just like the Veneno before it, it’s had a pasting impression on car culture and design. For a while now, I’ve argued that the rendering artist Hycade is using the Centenario as inspiration for many of his 3D models. And today, that’s been confirmed with this Urus widebody kit.

Hycade is not a household name, but he’s got some of the most popular such videos on YouTube. the crisp 3D designs of popular cars are enough to fool many into thinking they’re real when that’s not the case.

This baby is dubbed the “CentUrus”, a combination of Centenario and Urus. I feel like that’s a missed opportunity; he could have called it the CentaUrus after the half-man half-horse mythological creature. I suppose horses are Ferrari’s thing, and we shouldn’t confuse the Italian exotic fans.

Digitally tuning $220,000 Urus into $3M exotic

Anyway, the Urus gets a special widebody kit that’s heavily based on the supercar… to the point where it’s silly. You see, unlike the Aventador, the Centenario supercar has large vertical fins at the back, basically a giant diffuser. And they stand out even more due to the colored tips Lamborghini lets you spec.

Hycade used those at the front too, inside a grille that’s now way wider than stock. The red fins stand out like the dangerous blades on a John Deere harvester. If you’re not paying attention, you might miss just how wide the fender flares are. Like on a race car, these have vents over the top to extract the air trapped in the wheel wells.

From the back, the CentUrus looks a lot like a Group B rally car. The vertical fins make space for four ridiculously large exhaust tips. And like most of Hycade’s renderings, this has a hint of Audi to it. The blacked-out section between its taillights, window louvers, and bulky trunk wing all hint at the world of WRC rallying. It’s somewhere between the old Quattro Group B and its modern tribute, the S1 EV.



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