Gullwing-Hood Dodge Challenger 6×6 Splits Dual Snorkel, Packs Surprise CGI Engine

Dodge might be preparing to usher in the battery-powered era by introducing an electric muscle car prototype later this year, but the massive fan base of the HEMI-powered Challenger isn’t ready to give up on the iconic coupe just yet. Of course, the Gen III Challenger also shows its age in the aftermarket world, but this only means enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for new ways to tinker with it. Enter the Dodge Challenger 6×6, a digital proposal that’s as eccentric as they get.

Out there in the real world, 6×6 builds are more popular than ever and it’s not just SUVs or trucks receiving such makeovers, as this Rolls-Royce Phantom recently demonstrated. However, while most creations of the sort add a third axle at the back, the one sitting before us brings extra traction up front.

And it’s not just more grip and steering… determination that this pixel layout brings. Instead, adding two wheels means the Mopar machine’s braking would also be dialed up to eleven. Then there’s the gullwing-style arrangement above the engine bay, which splits the dual snorkel hood in an unusual fashion.

However, we mustn’t take this rendering too seriously, even though its creator, Oscar Vargas (aka wb.artist20), happens to own a Challenger in real life. This is a July 4th take on an earlier project of the artist, which you’ll find in the second Instagram post below. However, some of the other pieces of work delivered by the enthusiast are coming to life.

The artist’s creations are making their way into the real world

So, while the two-door GMC Yukon GT and the Brabus 900 Crawler-inspired Ford F-150 Dune Raptor creations flanking the Dodge here are mere dreams, Oscar recently joined forces with Smyth Performance to design the specialist’s pickup truck (UTE) conversion kit for the current Gen VII Dodge Charger.

Oh, and let’s not overlook his modern GMC Jimmy. Using the Sierra truck as a starting point, this is being put together by Flat Out Autos and you’ll get to see it this November at the 2022 SEMA show.

Meanwhile, the artist promises that the said gullwing hood (this is our name for the creation) will expose some special kind of muscle in an upcoming CGI adventure: “Nothing says Happy Independence Day better than a 6×6 Challenger lol… what’s under the hood is coming in a future post!“. So we can only wonder if the Hellcat badges present on the car are here to stay…



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