Ford Mustang Wagon Pixel-Packs Enough Muscle For the Whole Family

As my eyes (some of you might read this more like “My Eyes!”) are scanning the rendering occupying the screen, the inevitable question pops into my mind: why aren’t there more Mustang wagons around? You know, out there in the real world…

Before we dive deeper into this family-hauling pony matter, allow me to briefly state we’re dealing with a pixel effort that mixes the last Mustang design before the nameplate went back to its retro styling roots (that would be the SN-95) with a good old Volvo wagon.

The door/window situation is a bit of a work in progress (some might prefer a pair of extra doors, while others would probably choose to lose two side windows). But that’s why graphic designer Jim (aka jlord8), who is responsible for this admittedly unholy marriage, makes it clear in the caption.

And if we move over to the comments section of the Instagram post showing the quick pixel work, we’ll find somebody suggesting a Fox Body Mustang face for the melange. Well, the digital artist had already thought of that back in January and you’ll find the result in one of the images below, even though this is more of a Shooting Brake (think: two doors).

Returning to the idea of a Mustang for the whole family, the Blue Oval already sells that and it’s called the Mach-E. Alas, as sporty as this feels from behind the wheel, it remains more electric crossover and less Mustang, while the idea being discussed here involves a contraption that can accommodate the dog in the back and keep the driver fully engaged.

Come to think of it, Ford toyed with the concept ever since the original ‘Stang came to be back in the ’60s, but decided to skip the project.

However, once people started thinking about this sort of hybrid, they couldn’t get the idea out of their heads, which is why aftermarket conversions were born—you’ll find one of these many-tricks-ponies in the second Instagram post below.

And, given that the custom car world is as fluid as they get nowadays—here’s a Rolls-Royce dually truck to serve as an example—the question in the intro only seems natural.



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