Ford Mustang “Snowfox” Flaunts Immaculate Widebody Work with DTM Racing Roots

Give this Fox Body Mustang a brief look and, with those LEDs and its immaculate white finish, the pony might trick you into believing it’s one of the ever-more-popular EV conversions of modern classics. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as the digital model is based on the Fox Body ‘Stang that used to race in the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) grand touring series in the late ’80s/mid-’90s.

Having reigned between 1978 and 1993, the third-generation model used to be a somewhat overlooked part of Mustang history, but the status transformation that kicked off last decade only seems to climb higher.

These days, the Fox Body ‘Stang is no longer a piece of metal drag racers can grab for cheap and use to build understated quarter-mile animals, with one of the most prominent examples of this being Ken Block’s Hoonifox.

And that sounds just right, especially since the Gen III Mustang has a rich heritage, one that digital artists are all too happy to explore, as demonstrated by this mashup involving a Fox Body and an original Camaro.

Sure, it was plagued by the performance shortcomings of the Malaise era, while the build quality of certain versions leaves certain things to be desired.

But let’s not forget that this is the generation that survived the failed FWD coup attempt (instead of replacing the Mustang with a front-wheel-drive model, Ford introduced the Probe alongside the pony). Then there’s the racing heritage of the RWD hero, which, if we look on the Euro side of things, brings us to the DTM monster we have here.

Think of this digital build as a modernized form of the said racecar, albeit while using a road vehicle as a base. Speaking of the motorsport proposal, this is a monster whose specs could involve a 500+ hp 5.0L V8 that only had to carry a little over one ton (2,300 lbs).

The motorsport part explains the subtle widebody and theā€¦ not-so-subtle rear wing and front apron. And if we seek the custom bits, the list includes LED light clusters that dramatically impact the appearance of the vehicle, along with the wheels.

Shod in Pirelli P Zero rubber, we have Rotiform Six rolling hardware, whose white finish completes a setup worthy of the Snowfox nickname that Shashank Das (aka sdesyn), the digital creator behind the project, chose for the toy.

And since this (probably) remains a street car, there are no sponsor decals, so we can enjoy the immaculate finish of the lowered Mustang.

PS: Since we mentioned the DTM Fox Body, you can get a taste of those days in the clip below, which YouTuber quipzz brought to us straight from the VHS format that was the norm back in 1993 when the footage was captured.



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