Dodge Charger “Agressor” Has Extreme Suspension and V8 Muscle

Fast and Furious movies are on a hiatus right now. But one digital artist decided to fill the void of extreme muscle car builds. Meet the “Agressor” Charger R/T, created by the famous 3D expert Rostislav Prokop.

We’re used to seeing crazy Prokop creations, but this takes one of the best classic designs ever made to the next level. The Charger has been turned into a mid-engined car, an ice racer, and even got some Cyberpunk digital reinterpretations. But this is something else, something that’s probably never been done on this car.

The first thing we notice is the suspension setup at the rear. The trunk door has been (digitally) removed to make room for a couple of red suspension components. These are basically coilovers arranged at a 45-degree angle that are probably controlling what’s underneath through cantilevers.

The point is probably to have independent push rod suspension underneath with more control than the traditional live axle. And this would give this Charger R/T a lot more handling and riding precision than normal. It’s been done to quite a few old Mustangs, but probably not the big Dodge.

Coilovers are also present at the front. They’re impossible to miss since they’re not where the suspension would normally sit… plus the red gives them away. And, a bit like 30s Ford hot rods, this Dodge hasn’t got a hood or fenders. It’s just the nose, the rest of the body, and a big engine in the middle. We’re not sure what that is, but it appears to be a classic blown Hemi from the drag racing scene.

The rest of the build seems to borrow from motorsport: Nascar rear spoiler, autocross wheels, and perhaps some D1 drifting influences in the rear widebody kit. Topping it all off, red bucket seats ensure the driver stays in place when he’d done that cornering we keep talking about.



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