Dodge Challenger “Rat Fink” Has Double-Bubble Roof, Side-Exit Exhaust

The Dodge Challenger is about as crazy as it gets when it comes to modern muscle. It can have a widebody kit, a giant hood scoop for your supercharged V8, and more power than a Lamborghini. Everything you need, right? Oh, please. Just look at this piece of Mopar art and tell me it shouldn’t be real!

The Challenger is loved because it’s basically a modern version of American cars from around 1970. Simple lines, a wide grille, round headlights – that’s the winning formula. And while that can get a little boring after a while, this rendering spices things up with a “Rat Fink” look.

Back in that era, the personal automobile was still a relatively new concept. And with everything new, there are ways to add artistic expression. Ed “Big Daddy” Roth was (and still is) a legendary builder and artist, a fiberglass innovator who liked to think way outside the box.

His most famous creation besides Rat Fink, that iconic green rodent in a T-bucket, was the Beatnik Bandit. Its stand-out feature was the bubble top, apparently inspired by the fighter planes of the 1950s. Kids would line up for blocks and blocks just to see this crazy car. And, of course, it was a popular toy.

We’d like to think that Big Daddy would approve of this creation if he was around today. Digital artist adry53customs Dodge Challenger “Rat Fink” of his own using the bubble top idea.

Now, the artist opted for a double-bubble roof, since this is a two-seater. Darryl Starbird’s Predicta concept is also mentioned in the Instagram post. However, because of the two domes, we’re actually reminded of the Lincoln Futura concept, basically the first batmobile.

Either way, this thing is crazy-looking. The Challenger has got a bigger chin and a gigantic supercharger poking out of the already massive hood of the Demon model. Sides exhausts have also been integrated, almost looking like the “zoomies” on old drag cars.

And of course, there’s a modified hood with a hump at the back. It’s almost like the Porsche 911 Speedster in a way. Cragar wheels with redline tires are the final element, triggering a powerful wave of nostalgia.


  1. This is SWEET! I’m a fan of Rat Fink , so if Ed “Big Daddy” Roth was around this would be his kind of vehicle. He would be making cars with bubble tops with cars from todays kind of vehicles.


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