Chevrolet C10 “Purple Power” Drag Truck Is a Big-Block Hero with a Black Cape

Action Line. This was the nickname GM gave the second-generation Chevrolet C/K trucks and the 1968 example currently adorning our screens in pixel form (this is a preview for an upcoming real-world build) certainly stands true to it, having morphed into a drag strip hero.

Sure, not all heroes wear capes, but this one does. It’s just that it comes in the form of a parachute, which is required to ensure the machine meets safety standards. After all, matching stopping power has to be provided when the engine bay houses a BBC (Big-Block Chevy) sipping on E85.

The V8’s 502 ci (8.2L) displacement is aided by a generously-sized turbo, which digital artist Abimelec Arellano (a.k.a. abimelecdesign) has masterfully rendered behind a flowtie incarnation of the Chevy logo. This is the kind of detail that sets the vehicle apart, with the overall approach remaining rather clean.

The air dam up front, along with the aero piece adorning the tailgate and the “drag pack” wheels and tires, with that fat rubber occupying the stepside-style rear fenders, speak of the truck’s fetish for speed.

However, the Purple Candy finish covering most of the real estate—the nickname in the title is on us—means it will be easy to keep track of the machine as it sprints down the drag strip.

However, we may have a few months of waiting for that to happen. You see, Fabstar Performance Fabrication, the small Kansas-based fabrication shop that commissioned the digital work to preview its upcoming project, explains that the vehicle is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

Underneath the shiny skin, we’ll find a 25.5 chassis, the mandatory roll cage, and a four-link rear suspension, while the legendary Turbo 400 (GM three-speed automatic, here in built form) will handle the massive power expected to come from that boosted BBC.

Plenty of drivers will have the chance to admire this classic C10 on the road, though, since, to use the said developer’s words, this will be its race weekend cruiser.



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