Carbon-Bodied GMC Sierra 1500 “Shorty” Looks Like a Speedkore Build in Sleek Render

Excess. This is what the independent rendering we have here is all about. And while some will feel that a full-carbon-bodied 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 stands for excess, others will agree that we’re looking at a proper solution to deal with the excessive weight that describes these workhorses, not just the Sierra.

Somehow, entering a debate with the “against” camp seems more facile than highlighting the point of “team for” and that’s because we’ve got a strong argument in favor of replacing the steel panels of a contemporary truck with units made of carbon fiber (with a red tint, in this case) and it all has to do with somebody paying top dollar for one of these over the weekend.

We’re referring to the Chevrolet Silverado Bandit Edition, a fully customized Burt Reynolds tribute that debuted at SEMA last fall. Built by Texas-based Legendary Concepts, the Chevy, which features a plethora of carbon fiber parts, grabbed no less than $286,000 at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2022 event in Arizona.

Sure, that Silverado features a more standout appearance while being a nod to Smokey and the Bandit, but the Sierra sitting before us has its own way.

For one, this has its own heroes to worship, with digital artist Abimelec Arelano (aka abimelecdesign) introducing the work following the popularity of a similar carbon take on an OBS Chevy truck (1998-2000 Old / Original Body Style) he created in November 2020—you’ll find this in the second Instagram post below.

Much like that pickup, the newcomer still displays the shape it had when it left the factory, even though it now rides considerably closer to the blacktop. Speaking of which, the truck rolls on Work Meister S1R wheels shod in Toyo R888R rubber.

We’ve already established this is not the 2022 GMC Sierra (the refresh is not out on the street yet), so we’ll add that we’re dealing with a configuration involving a short cab and a standard bed, the kind of spec racers seek thanks to the lower scale footprint.

This feels like a Speedkore Chevy truck

To us, this looks like the kind of contraption Speedkore would build (somebody in the comments section of the first Insta post below also noticed it).

That’s because the Wisconsin-based aftermarket developer enjoys coming up with carbon-bodied pieces of American motoring, which are heavily modded but skip extravagant body add-ons that would mess with the original styling.

So, need we discuss the RPM (real project in the making) Potential of this pixel build? A serious 9/10 it is!



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