Alfa Romeo GTV-6 Is a JDM-Style Widebody Wagon Rendering and Clarkson Tribute

The Alfa Romeo GTV-6 is once again jumping for attention as a potential collectible item. While owners will no doubt want mint condition models of this 1980s jewel, hardcore customizers might soon want to modify one. As a bit of inspiration, the famous rendering artist “The Kyza” has created this, a widebody makeover, as well as an imaginary shooting brake version of the GTV-6.

The 1980s is rich in modern classics. America produced the Iroc-Z, the Fox Mustang, Trans-Am Turbo and Buick Grand National. Germany, meanwhile, brought a whole bunch of awesome Benz coupes, the E30 BMW and the GTI.

But the 1980s was perhaps the best era of Italian cars. Not only did we see icons like the Lamborghini Countach, but also mode affordable toys like the Lancia Delta or this Alfa Romeo. The GTV-6 was only sold in the United States from 1981 to 1986, with roughly 5,000 of them being shipped. So it’s safe to say these are pretty rare.

A month ago, Hagerty did a valuation of the 1986 Alfa GTV-6 and said it was worth $45,000. On US models, the 6-degree 2.5-liter V6 produced only 154 horsepower and 157 lb-ft of torque. It doesn’t sound like much. But Jeremy Clarkson once said this car has the best sounding engine of all time and he even bought one for a Grand Tour episode.

Khyzyl Saleem clearly knows about the Clarkson connection because in his latest Hagerty rendering video he mentions him as well, wondering if the former Top Gear host would like his work. In all likelihood, he wouldn’t, as Jeremy criticizes every “pointless” tuning project he sees. But we like it; we like it a lot.

The GTV-6 is a coupe, but it’s got the long rear of a sportback because many small European “saloons” in that era had two doors. And so Kyza decides to make a shooting brake version, mainly by boxing in the rear window with a large diffuser. It’s also slammed to the ground and fitted with a custom widebody kit.

A body kit is also designed with an undeniable JDM influence. The front splitter and side skirts look like something belonging to an AE86. For the wheels, the artist goes with Rotiform retro alloys which have a very Lamborghini-like design.



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