80s Chevy Pickup Gets Lamborghini Countach Rendering Mods: Farm Exotic?

The first SEMA Show was in 1967, technically. We don’t remember much of what tuners were up to before the JDM-focused 1990s. However, it’s pretty safe to assume that nobody turned a Chevy Pickup into a Lamborghini Countach in the 1980s… at least not that we’re aware of.

Abimelec is a rendering artist known for making such mashups. Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something… bright red. Such is the combination chosen for this Chevy-turned-Lamborghini.

Now short-bodied pickups from that era were indeed pretty popular with customizers. On one hand, you’ve got the “donk” scene putting 24-inch wheels and $50,000 paint jobs on these things. And on the other, these are incredibly popular for racing, legal or not-so-much.

But this digital tuning process is quite unique. A lot of Lamborghini design elements have been added, yet they somehow don’t clash. The front sports a Countach-like chin splitter with vents and yellow lights.

Very European!

Down the sides, the square widebody of the supercar was grafted to the fenders. This is my favorite element by far since a bright red Countach R/C car was the first cool toy a can remember as a child. What can I say? I was a normie. The digital project culminates with a large wing and multiple exhausts tucked under the bumper.

Oh, and it’s impossible to ignore the bright gold wheels. They look a little different, though. Like, old cars didn’t really have a concave design, plus the Lambo setup was something like 12×15 inches, whereas these look like 20s or 22s. Don’t get us wrong; Abimelec made the right choice here. It’s just that these look fully custom and quite expensive to make in the real world.

Speaking of which, the overall design of this pickup resembles the electric-swapped widebody Chevy C10 they recently showed at the SEMA Show. Do you think the rendering was inspired by that?



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