2024 Honda Accord Gets Realistically Rendered, 11th Generation Adopts Civic-Like Design

The next-generation 2025 Honda Accord has been a hot topic of discussion ever since it emerged for testing late in June. Even though the 11th generation is more of an evolution, many things are about to change, from the way it’s designed to its powertrains.

While the spied test prototype was wearing full camouflage, we can always rely on Kolesa to accurately strip the wrap and reveal what the production vehicle may look like. And here it is, the 2024 Honda Accord sedan, scooped from both the front and the back.

It’s quite a simple look, with a couple of straight lines down the sides and a Civic-like front end design. While the old Accord model seemed to be looking into the future with its insect-like LED lights, this almost resembles the models from the late 1990s. It’s an acknowledgment of the Accord’s long history and its reputation within the mid-sized sedan market.

The current tenth-gen Accord was unveiled in July 2017 and went into production later that year. That’s why it still feels new, and a replacement probably won’t be released until 2023 as a 2024 model year. It’s pretty smart for Honda not to over-complicate things and show something they can’t mass produce during the chip shortage.

2024 Accord models may be a little longer than before with increases mostly improving rear legroom and creating space for new hybrid technologies. At the rear, the sedan’s long sloping roof ends with taillights that wrap from one end to the other, creating a very Audi A7-like look. Of course, the appeal of your car should depend on the trim level, of which there are several: LX, Sport, Sport Special Edition, EX-L, and Touring.

2024 Accord, the bigger Civic

The current Accord is known for adopting Honda’s new VTEC Turbo engines, which will also be available in the next generation. For the base 2024 Accord, you’ll still have a 1.5-liter, though power should be increased from 192 to 200 hp. Meanwhile, the 2.0L Turbo that’s been winning all those races is nominally rated at 252 horsepower. That’s the model they were testing since it had the split exhaust and the front intercooler (see video).

Honda has stated that it intends to make hybrids a bigger part of the next-gen Accord sales representations as the company wants about half its total sales to be hybrid on popular models like the CR-V, Civic and Accord. Previously, Honda made hybrids more of a specialist job with the Insight and Clarity, but that decision seems to be reversing itself.

It’s possible that we’ll even have a plug-in Accord, though sales will be limited. As you probably know, it’s really hard to buy something like a Prius or RAV4 Prime right now due to supply shortages. China might even have a fully-electric Accord, which explains why the trunk sits so high.

The model we’d like is a 2024 Accord Type S with the high-output K20C1 engine from the Civic Type R and an Acura gearbox. It would be great competition for the Camry TRD, which is rumored to be quite spicy in the future (GR Camry with Lotus V6).



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