2024 Ford Mustang Sedan Is the Dark Horse of 4-Door Muscle Car Renderings

Wouldn’t it be great if Ford offered a 4-door version of the iconic Mustang? It would have the same design, and the same awesome V8 engines, but paired with a more practical body style, just like the Dodge Charger. Well, if you wanted to know what the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang would look like as a 4-door, wonder no more, because we’ve got renderings so realistic you’d think it’s a production vehicle.

The writing is already on the wall. Sales of 2-door cars have been on the decline for many years, and rather than keep them alive, many automakers are taking that development money and putting it aside for electric crossovers. The Mustang Mach-E already proves that Ford is willing to butcher its most iconic nameplate just to stay relevant.

But wouldn’t a Mustang sedan be more worthwhile? After all, America’s sedan market seems quite stable, and the Dodge Charger has proven even an old platform can be successful if it brings the right V8 attitude.

The 2024 Mustang, also known as the S650 generation, is quite similar to its predecessor in terms of proportions. But its brooding design and modern interior stand out, plus they’d work very well on a sedan.

The Mustang 4-door mission: added practicality

The rendering keeps the whole front end of the 2024 Mustang. That means a long clamshell hood, which when paired with a sloping 4-door roofline turns this into a Porsche Panamera with Ford badges. Well, not in terms of luxury, but V8 performance in a GT package.

Sugar Design added some premium touches to this 4-door Mustang too. It comes with flush-fitting door handles and a panoramic roof that goes almost to the back of the car, reminding me of the glass tops on some Ferraris (the FF and Lusso). Of course, this practical prancing pony would likely compete with the Kia Stinger GT, a Korean car that embodies the “Panamera on a budget” design.

Over the years, there have been numerous links between the Mustang, aimed at young/cool customers, and sedans. In the 1960s, Ford built both sedan and wagon prototypes but decided against production. Of course, many Ford 4-door cars had the same V8 engine as a Mustang, but you wouldn’t exactly put a bulky Crown Victoria in the same league as a pony car. I think the closest we ever got was the Australian Ford Falcon with the supercharged Coyote, a bit like how the Chevy SS was close to a Camaro 4-door.



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