2024 Electric Chevy Camaro Drifts Its Way into Our CGI Dreams

The Camaro is supposed to be right at the core of the Chevrolet brand, a traditional muscle car that’s been around since 1967, powered by a big V8 engine. But ever since Chevrolet presented the 2024 Blazer EV, electric Camaros are all we can think about.

Let’s not pretend that EVs aren’t the most exciting thing to hit the auto industry. Sure, the Nissan Leaf didn’t have what it takes to get your pulse racing, but GM knows exactly what Americans want, and that’s to go fast. It started with the Hummer EV, which breached the 1000 horsepower mark and cemented its position as a pickup supercar.

That same modular battery technology will start underpinning all kinds of exciting EVs. The new electric Blazer set our expectations pretty high, being the first EV to wear the SS badge. For around $66,000, this crossover promises to have 557 horsepower and will hit 60 mph in less than four seconds. That’s Mercedes-AMG stuff… from a Chevy SUV.

It’s also quite an impressive and memorable design. Even though there’s nothing specifically unique about it, every current Chevy model has been rendered with this face in the past weeks. It’s as if this is the new identity of the brand, even though that’s clearly not the case.

One of the prime models for a Blazer’s nose is the Camaro. Even though it’s been stuck in limbo for many years, the iconic muscle car of the Bowtie brand is suddenly super-exciting thanks to the prospect of it becoming an EV.

Think about it: the Blazer SS EV promises to have more power than a Camaro SS, so why wouldn’t people want that? While we have shown you the Blazermaro in all sorts of poses, as a wagon or a sedan, it’s never been turned into a drift machine.

A mashup of Blazer SS features and current Camaro bodywork is depicted by digital artist KDesign going sideways while burning a mountain of rubber. We know that some EVs can drift, but it’s never on the rubber-destroying level a muscle car would pull off at the weekend car meet.

Obviously, this is pure fantasy, but that’s the kind of thing people secretly expect out of the 100% electric revolution. And Chevrolet is just the kind of company that would deliver.

Of course, GM may not build such a car. GM has stated that it plans to offer 30 new electric vehicles by 2025 and reach carbon neutrality by 2040. The Camaro will be out of production way before that, at least the V8-powered one. Rumors are that the name will be used by an electric performance sedan. At the same time, the Corvette name will apparently also belong to a 4-door and an SUV. So yes, nothing is sacred these days.



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