2024 Dodge Charger Banshee With Widebody and EV Blower Tech Marks Adry53 3D Model Debut

The recently revealed 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee hides its performance EV technology in sexy 1969 packaging. Great job! However, being electric means we’re saying goodbye to some of the accessories which have joined Mopar engines over the past 50+ years, the ones designed to suck in more air for the V8. Digital artist Adry53 isn’t ready to let that happen and added a blower back into the design of the Charger Banshee concept.

Even though he first calls it a blower, because that’s what it looks like, this isn’t supposed to be one. In his fantasy rendering creation, the Charger EV receives what he calls “Ram Charger” ram air technology which is somehow supposed to boost performance by pushing more air into the car.

Two versions are envisioned, going from mild to wild. Stage 1 is the red car with a normal scoop in the hood, similar to current Ram Air designs. Stage 3 is supposed to be the most extreme version, the successor to the Challenger Drag Pak, but with an EV twist and a supercharger look.

Of course, EVs need air too, for cooling. That’s why high-performance models like the Porsche Taycan Turbo have large intakes in the front bumper. So Dodge might theoretically be able to pull off one of these designs. And if all else fails, maybe that thing can cool the Flux Capacitor.

The Stage 1 to 3 design plays into Dodge’s statement about the Charger Daytona having three power levels at launch. The Banshee is the most powerful and will beat the old Hellcats in almost every way. However, there will apparently also be over-the-air updates that tune your car for something like track days or drag racing, so there’s a lot of variation.

Clearly, Dodge hasn’t forgotten that Mopar means Motor Parts, and people love to customize their vehicles. Glue a shaker hood right on that electric bad boy and call it a day!

Adry53 debuts the first 2024 Charger Banshee 3D model

For me, this rendering is exciting for a completely different reason. Adry53customs spent the last couple of weeks making a 3D model of the 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee it’s clearly the first offered by a famous artist and it means people can buy it and dream up crazy new designs.

Wagons, sedans, SUVs, supercars: these are all things that we want to see adapting the Banshee design. And since the car isn’t going to be ready for a while, Dodge clearly can’t assemble any of those things in EV format yet.

It’s obvious that a 3D model of a one-off prototype/concept is never going to be 100% accurate. But the process that got us to this point is very interesting. Adry53 went over all the videos and stories that were available and found the measurements he needed in a walkaround by Raiti’s Rides. If you’re unfamiliar with how renderings work, these images could trick you into thinking this is a real 2024 Dodge. They’re that good.

The artist also went ahead and developed a widebody kit, which is something everybody will want, along with a diffuser, trunk spoiler and bigger versions of the concept’s wheels. Amazing stuff!



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