2023 Honda Civic Type R Wagon Would Be the Coolest Japanese Wagon Ever

Nowadays, the coolest wagons in the world are almost exclusively German or at least related to Germany in some way. However, some of our favorite classic family transports come from Japan’s top brands, and if the market kept demanding them, we might have had a 2023 Honda Civic Type R wagon today, competing with the likes of the VW Golf R Variant.

There are more awesome JDM wagons than we can mention in a single article. Obviously, the Nissan Stagea needs to be on top of that list because of the connection to the Skyline GT-R and the fact that it had an RB26DETT engine. A close second for me would be the Mitsubishi Evolution IX Wagon.

Subaru is also on the list, partly because of this 2001 Forester STI II Type M, but also the brand new Levorg which comes with a WRX 2.4L engine. And as for Honda, you can be a total hipster and remember the rare 1985-89 Accord Aerodeck or know that Civic IX Tourer was sold from 2013 until 2017 in Europe, and a Type R one-off was built.

Sadly, Honda has no interest in making a Civic wagon. All the money is in crossovers, and frankly, the normal Civic is about as practical as a compact wagon anyway. But it’s nice to dream of a Type R with a long roof, and we can do that pretty easily thanks to this set of 3D renderings.

Sugar Design is one of the best rendering artists from the Asian continent. His specialty is making realistic shooting brakes or wagons of existing vehicles, especially the sporty ones. And because they’re 3D models, you can almost trick people with his photos.

Several Civics had wagon versions

That said, the Civic Type R Wagon isn’t the most beautiful thing he’s ever created. This has more to do with the Honda source material because his Mercedes renders are jaw-droppingly hot. The proportions of the CTR wagon are a little off because the base hatchback has a very long nose, and we’re more used to staring at the ugly but interesting old FK8 generation.

On top of this, the artist chose to keep the tall adjustable trunk wing, even though it feels unnatural on a wagon. But that’s not something a body kit can’t fix.

That being said, the Type R wagon would still be the coolest to ever come out of Japan. Can you imagine those super-precise gear changes that brutal 2.0L turbo power and that amazing track precision in a big family car?

There aren’t many hot hatchbacks based on compact wagons. The Subaru Levorg comes to mind, but it’s basically Japan-only (and Australia). Probably the most popular would be the Volkswagen Golf R Variant, which has a couple of twin brothers from Cupra and Skoda.

But maybe the most interesting one of them all is the Ford Focus ST, an amazing machine with the Mustang’s EcoBoost engine and a nice manual. It’s not AWD, though.



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