2023 BMW G20 3 Series Coupe Rendering Has Cleaner Look With Smaller Grilles Than the 4 Series

The BMW 3 Series remains one of the purest German cars to date. It’s not an SUV for the American market, it’s not that big and it somehow managed to keep its most iconic engine, the inline-6, while Mercedes seriously downsized. But one thing has been stolen from the 3er, the coupe body, and it’s been bugging us for many years.

The E30 is probably the most famous BMW of all time. Even though it was designed in the 1980s and built into the early 90s, this is one of the most iconic shapes ever produced by a German manufacturer. It was also the first series M car, and the M3 Coupe lineage continued strong into the E36 and E46 generations that followed.

They were powered by some of the most advanced six-cylinder engines on the market, and things got even more interesting after that. In 2007, BMW made something absolutely crazy, the E92 M3 Coupe, powered by a 4.0-liter V8.

The performance doesn’t stop there. Pick up a 335i Coupe from that era, straight-pipe it, mod the engine and you’ve got a cheap horsepower monster. Now, by that time, BMW was selling a lot of M3 sedans as well, and like any German automaker saw the need to over-diversify its model range.

In 2014, the split happened. The sedan and wagon kept the 3 Series name, gaining a new brother in the form of the Gran Turismo. Meanwhile, coupe and convertible models became known as the 4 Series, joined by the newly developed Gran Coupe. They had wider tracks and sportier looks as standard.

Nowadays, the cosmetic differences between the two are even more obvious if you’re talking about a normal 3/4 Series. But the M3 and M4 have exactly the same headlights and “pig nose” grille with giant nostrils.

This next rendering from Kolesa tries to change that by turning the 3 Series back into a coupe. It takes you back to a simpler world where BMWs weren’t ugly, the options were less crazy and this still was an entry-level German car for average people to buy.

While this type of rendering has been done before, it has a 2023 model-year twist. BMW has just updated the front end of the 3 Series with a black grill that extends up to the hood, new headlights, and an aerodynamic bumper like the one on the X3 facelift.

The inspiration for this rendering is actually the E21, a distant member of the 3 Series family from way back in 1975. You can clearly see this in the simplicity of the door, the large Hofmeister kink and the clean rear end.



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