1967 Chevrolet Camaro Crosses into Mustang Land, Becomes “Foxmaro” Digital Build

There are many project cars out there that separate the Chevy guys from the Ford people (obviously listed here in alphabetical order). Well, this Foxmaro digital build does the opposite of that, working to bring the two camps together—no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, this rendering actually portrays the marriage between a Fox Body Mustang and a classic Camaro.

Look at this thing from the side (there’s a dedicated image) and you might get the impression you’re dealing with a third-gen ‘Stang that has received some sort of long nose conversion.

Nevertheless, upon closer inspection, this is a 1980s pony that has been taken back in time with the help of a first-gen Camaro front end. And, to be sure the trip goes as far as possible, digital artist Dom Host (aka altered_intent) used the front volume of the original 1967 Camaro.

Gluing the two together and calling it a day wouldn’t cut it for the enthusiast. Instead, he decided to use a DTM/Group 5 racing aero treatment as a bonding agent.

Will this help muscle purists wrap their minds around what may be described as a hatchback ‘Maro? This is probably a question every muscle fan must answer individually.

Is the Foxmaro that far from the real world?

The inspiration for the extreme downforce treatment might’ve come from one of the builds Host is handling in real life, namely a sliced-up 1927 Ford Coupe that matches its big wang with a Honda K24 turbo-four.

Truth be told, the styling mix (different camps and eras) we have here might make you confused—the artist calls this contraption P.H.A.N.T.O.M. and, come to think of it, one might look like he or she has seen a ghost when checking out this thing for the first time.

However, allowing yourself to get lost in the generous airflow-shaping hardware, which is presented here in glorious detail, seems to bring an urge to hop aboard the thing and put it to the test at the local track—we can only imagine the meaty V8 sound emanating from the neatly integrated side pipes bouncing off the concrete barriers of a motorsport complex…



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