1958 Plymouth Fury “Christine 2.0” Is a Lifted Baja Demon With Tailfins

There are things that can only exist in the world of CGI, but which we’d love to see become real. And a 1958 Plymouth Fury turned into a Baja truck has just been added to that list.

It’s the perfect mix of old and new, familiar and unexpected. Like any good digital art piece, it’s going to offend some people and also deserves a story, which is what we’re here to do.

Dubbed “Christine 2.0”, this is the digital makeover of a Plymouth Fury which Adry53 Customs calls “Bad to the Bone.” He wanted to mix the elegant, artistic shapes of the 1950s coupes with modern performance car expectations and created this.

We like the way this has been engineered. Kyza recently made a PreRunner out of the new Range Rover luxury SUV, but he wrapped it around a real Baja truck chassis, which would be the thing to do in the real world. But Adry53’s creation looks more retro… more Mad Max even, as if it’s made from salvaged parts.

The Plymouth Fury chassis and body are all still there, although they’re as rusty as something you’d find in a “field find.”The rear suspension hangs heavy arms off the middle of the body, as you’d see on a monster truck or swamp vehicle, and a giant solid axle is located at the back, probably some HD/dually piece of equipment.

And the front, well that looks a bit like a gasser. We know Adry53 is a big fan of the Tri-Five and turning other vehicles into gassers. Here, you’ve got the lifted nose without a bumper, but it’s combined with off-road tires instead of skinny drag race tires from the 60s.

And the motor? Normally we wouldn’t bother checking. But Christine 1.0 came out in 2019 as a Fury dragster and had the same massive supercharger setup, so we know it’s a tribute to the Dodge Demon and just looks retro because of the intake. Can you imagine the 808 hp HEMI motor making even more power in such an old car?

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Baja build without some accessory lights which look totally out of place on the roof of a 1950s car that has tailfins and everything.

About the Plymouth Fury and Christine

The Plymouth Fury was produced between 1955 and 1989, and during that time was both a full-sized and mid-sized car. But generally speaking, this is a big boy which is still considered by some to be an affordable early muscle car.

The model we have here is not technically a Fury. Between 56 and 58, it was a high-end version of the Belvedere sold as a two-door hardtop with special interiors, wings, and trim. The last model year, which this is supposed to resemble, came with a big block 350 cubic inch “Golden Commando” with a four-barrel carb to produce 305 horsepower.

Christine is actually a 1980s horror movie featuring this car that not many people remember, even though it’s based on a Stephen King novel. You know…the guy who we have to thank for Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, or The Shining. Christine the Fury can repair itself and is a total manslaughtering psycho.

If you’d like to see more 1950s tailfins, check out this 1957 Pontiac Chieftain or the 1959 Impala with its vampire-like look.



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