This Burned Down Lamborghini Went from Hit-and-Run Victim to Stunning Neon Art

Supercars burning to a crisp after crashes aren’t anything new and the Internet normally pays attention to such unfortunate episodes on two occasions: the accident itself and the moment when the toasted remains of the mid-engined machine end up on an auction website for pocket money. The cases where the second part is replaced with an inspiring rebirth story are rare, but fortunately, the tale of this Lamborghini Murcielago that burned to a crisp in LA last year brings us just that.

When reviving fire-consumed automobiles, people usually strive to hide any possible trace of the ordeal. Not the case with this Raging Bull, though.

You can clearly see how the flames ruined most of the low-slung coupe, with only the nose of the vehicle partially resembling the form it used to have.

Sitting upright as part of an installation, the roof of the Murcie is now decorated with a message that’s all too familiar among drivers, displayed here in red neon form.

So, why would anybody place a “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” reminder just inches away from the vehicle’s ruined V12 engine?

New York City-based street artist WhIsBe (this stands for “What Is Beauty”), who is responsible for the work, sends a powerful message here—the man was driving his Lamborghini on the 605 freeway in the proximity of Los Angeles back in January when another car hit him from behind and made a run for it. The Murcielago went sliding into the barricade, bursting into flames when it made contact.

Fortunately, the artist managed to exit the vehicle, but not before suffering burns, as he shows in the second Instagram post below.

January 31st, 2021, a day I’ll never forget, a day my life flashed before my eyes, a day I experienced how fragile life is and how it could be over in the blink of an eye,” the man recalls.

Nevertheless, WhIsBe managed to work his way out of distress and put his artistic skills to work by turning the wreckage of the Lambo into the said sculpture.

The enthusiasts hopes “this culminating work acts as a reminder to be grateful, savor life and not allow negative past experiences to dictate your future,

The sculpture made its debut at the Miami Art Basel earlier this month and here’s to hoping its positive message will influence those going through traumatic events.



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