RDB LA Says Scott Disick’s Lamborghini Urus Is Totaled After Hitting a Mailbox and Flipping

Scott Disick was the only person involved in an embarrassing and costly car crash over the weekend. While driving his Lamborghini Urus SUV, the TV celebrity struck a mailbox, which caused the vehicle to flip over. RDB LA, the shop which customized said Urus about a year ago, said in a recent podcast that we could be looking at a write-off.

While the Lamborghini Urus is lightweight and low for an SUV in its class, it’s still pretty top-heavy. We’ve seen plenty of dashcam videos where 4×4 can roll over just like this, even at slow speeds. He’s not the first person to ever wreck an Urus or flip an SUV, so let’s cut the guy some slack. The mailbox thing is pretty funny, though!

So we’re not going to suggest that Scott was going over the speed limit of that residential area, even though it’s tempting to do that in a 641+ hp performance vehicle. The exclusive photos that TMZ got from the scene of the accident reveal that the mailbox he hit is sold, looking like it’s made out of concrete or stone.

So it’s like a barrier, and if you hit one of those just right, perhaps with one of the front wheels, an SUV will flip over. RDB’s Vik Tchalikian says he spoke to Scott after the incident, and while he didn’t want to comment on the crash, their discussion could hint at a future car collaboration.

The Lamborghini Urus was first customized over a period of one week in 2021 at the old RDB shop. The super-SUV was fitted with the 1016 Industries widebody and finished in a satin silver wrap. This kit adds about 3.9 inches (10cm) and is available from around $30,000. Of course, installation is quite expensive, and there are 24-inch custom wheels, suspension lowering mods, and a wrap on the car as well, so it’s possible Scott totaled a $350,000+ vehicle.

RDB’s Vik also commented on their silver wrap, which was done last year, being changed at another shop. From a distance, this new wrap looked a lot like Audi’s Nardo Gray rather than Kim K’s ghostly gray (she has a Mansory Urus).

Obviously, the Urus can be fixed, even if the roof is damaged. However, most celebrities with deep pockets sell their damaged cars and just buy new ones. Scott might want to delay that order because Lamborghini has just revealed a new, more powerful, and lighter Urus Performante.



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