Pressure Washing a Subaru STI Interior Seems a Nightmare, Is a Bliss Instead

You can almost smell the filth through the screen, that’s how muddy the cabin of this ex-generation Subaru WRX STI is. So how do you clean such a car—where does one even begin to remove all the filth and is there any chance for the interior to at least look fresh again? A YouTube detailer recently embarked on an adventure to remove the dirt from the Scooby, which had sadly been the victim of a flood.

Few performance car logos have seen more mud than the STI one (even counting SUVs), which is only natural if we consider the rallying roots of the Japanese AWD velocity tool. Most of the mud usually stays outside the vehicle, with a standard interior cleanup being enough to deal with the bits that got inside.

However, none of that applied to this fifth-gen WRX STI when it landed in the hands of YouTube label WD Detailing. And, to add an extra layer of emotion, Brent, who runs the business together with R.J., happens to own such a Scooby, which you’ll notice in the first part of the YouTube clip below.

Alas, the machine had been the victim of a flood over in Omaha, Nebraska and this could be related to the Spencer Dam in the northern part of the state failing back in 2019. Its current owner bought the vehicle from an auction to part it out. It’s possible that insurance matters dictate that the car can never return to the road, which means the man is selling what he can and crushing the shell once the job is done.

Regardless, the said detailer saw an opportunity here, spending two long days with the STI to restore its look. And we have to warn you, the clip showcasing the work isn’t easy to watch—is it ever a walk in the park to check out the cabin of a car getting a pressure wash?

In an alternate universe, one that also showed up in the comments section of the video (hat tip to YouTube user Sean McGlothlin), this Subaru WRX STI would get new electronics and be converted into a rally car, but, as the man aptly points out, the cost of the operation may or may not be feasible.

Detailing a flooded STI interior turned out incredibly well

The seats and the carpeting were removed and, many hours of foam, vacuuming, care and improv later, it seemed that the vehicle had never been ruined by the flood (the infotainment display does seem to bear a few marks of the old terror and the windshield is cracked, but this is of lesser importance).

The two aficioandos even cleaned out the modded 2.5-liter boxer under the hood, having done a brilliant job. So at least this STI got a proper send-off.

PS: On a happier note, we’ll remind the all-new 2022 WRX has already been introduced and we’re waiting for Subaru to do STI things to it in the future.



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