Polaris RZR Strapped to Two Jet Skis: the 600 HP Typhoon

What do you do when you’ve bought one of every type of fun vehicle? You begin to mix them together. And while putting a Polaris RZR on top of two jet skis seems like a childish idea, it requires some real adult engineering to make such a dream happen.

The Polaris RZR is quite popular in the off-road community. Every Bronco or Blazer owner seems to have at least one. Heck, Forgiato makes gold wheels for these things that rappers like to buy. However, this project takes the quad into unfamiliar territory: water.

Putting this iconic rugged 2-seater on water seems pointless at first. After all, there are other ways for two people to have aquatic fun. However, the visual statement is equal to none.

The vehicle we have before our eyes was recently showcased by That Racing Channel, YouTubers known for their Florida drag racing content, modified Supras and record-breaking twin-turbo builds. And the Shadow Six Typhoon, as the aquatic quad is called, seems to fit perfectly.

Ryan the CEO of Shadow Six Racing came up with the idea 7 years ago and developed a company around this engineering challenge. Even though it looks like a simple job, that’s not actually a Polaris RZR, and those aren’t real jet skis at the bottom.

Instead, the part up top is a custom spaceframe onto which they just bolted the Polaris body kit (is that an SXS or what?). That means power doesn’t come from the familiar two-cylinder engines, which can go up to a 2.0-liter displacement.

Instead, the Shadow Six Typhoon has one engine in each of the custom jet ski hulls, and it’s an excellent one. Up until recently, the HP1800R SVHO was the fastest thing on the water. Each of these Yamaha 1.8-liter motors normally produces 180 hp or 250 hp, but this modified supercharged version delivers 300+ hp. So that’s a combined 600+ horsepower.

So why have a side-by-side instead of a jet ski?

Well, I feel like the reason is the same as picking a quad over a motorcycle: it’s more comfortable. Inside that protective roll cage, you’ve got a reversing camera, a sound system, and an infotainment screen with live weather updates. Essentially, it’s totally overkilled but awesome.

And because its designer wants the Typhoon to be able to handle a literal typhoon, it’s equipped with collars. These inflatable bad boys offer extra stability in extreme surf conditions. That’s pretty reassuring considering this makes as much power as an Audi RS6 and tops out at over 90 miles per hour on the water.

The price? $250,400, which is basically supercar money. That’s a lot of money, but when Ryan posted a video of the Typhon on TikTok he got 100,000 followers in three days. People from Florida love this, and they will buy some for sure.



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