Glickenhaus 008 Fast Response Military Vehicle Looks Like SCG Considering Public Service, Fire and LEO Versions of Boot Mentioned

If you’re seeking a captivating example of how modern times allow non-traditional automakers to establish a notable position in the ever-expanding market, you can’t go wrong with Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus. Since its 2004 birth, the New York-headquartered company has grown from the Ferrari-modifying dream of a passionate collector ( James Glickenhaus) to a motorsport disruptor whose racing machines can also be built to double as daily drivers. And, based on SCG’s latest social media post, it looks like the boutique automaker is considering entering the public service arena via the Glickenhaus 008 Fast Response Military Vehicle you see in this rendering and more.

SCG’s recent racing efforts saw the company grabbing third place in this year’s Le Mans Hypercar battle—new for 2022, this replaces the LMP1 top tier). This made for the first U.S. carmaker to climb onto the podium since 1967 (that was the famous Ford-over-Ferrari era).

And, before discussing what appears to be Glickenhaus testing the waters for a public service vehicle entry, we’ll briefly take you through the automaker’s current range.

The Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus lineup

Currently, Glickenhaus has five different vehicles listed on its website, which involve either hand-built models produced at its Sleepy Hollow, New York factory or under-development cars.

We’re referring to the SCG 003 two-seater grand tourer, the SCG 004 three-seater (offered in multiple flavors, one of which finished 14th overall on its first Nurburgring 24h run), as well as the SCG 007 (its racing iteration is the said Le Mans Hypercar podium toy).

Now, those are the asphalt devils, but we also get the SCG Boot (a Baja competitor that took the Class 2 trophy in 2019 and is running the Baja 1000 this November) and the SCG 008, which is described as a melange involving ingredients from the Boot and the 004, hence its Mini Boot nickname.

The 008 is actually a kit car, whose parts are delivered to the assembly place of a customer’s choice, minus the engine and gearbox. It too can be road-legal and take part in off-roading competitions—you’ll find a presentation of the go-anywhere machine, which kicks off at just under $100,000, in the SCG video below.

SCG considering military, fire and law enforcement versions of its all-terrain vehicles

According to the company, the idea for the developments we’ll be discussing below came after it showcased the Boot earlier this month at the AUSA (Association of the United States Army) annual meeting and exposition.

Glickenhaus has published what appears to be a pair of 3D renderings depicting the 008 as a Fast Response Military Vehicle (we’ll abbreviate this as FRMV).

The mid-engined off-roader, which is a two-seater, is portrayed with a gun above the engine compartment, while a roof-and-rear-deck rack holds accessories such as extra lights and what appears to be a military supply case.

The social media dialog between SCG and its followers

In the comments section of the Instagram post below, SCG replied to various comments, talking about the possibility of armoring the 008 and obviously ruling out the gun for what it calls a civilian version.

In addition, the post also mentions iterations of the SCG Boot that would be fit for the Fire Department and LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) duty.

However, when asked if “they will be available for purchase” in the comments section, SCG replied with a link to the 008 page on its website, which, at the time of press, depicted the “standard” vehicle we already knew.

Speaking of the comments, it seems the opinions are split. Certain people were enthusiastic about this proposal, even likening the SCG 008 Fast Response Military Vehicle to the fictional Warthog armored fighting vehicle of the Halo video game series.

However, others have expressed their dislike towards the army implications of such an initiative. However, this position seems to be limited to the SCG 008 FRMV rather than also including said Boot Fire and LEO applications. And we have to admit we’re mighty curious to meet those Boot derivatives, even if only in digital form.

Meanwhile, we’ve reached out to Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus and will update the article if the company provides any further info on the matter.

SCG 008 presentation from May 2022



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