Ford Mustang Speed Boat “Splashback” Wants to Be the Eleanor of the Sea

A month ago today, we published a story about a Ford Mustang that had been converted to towing duty, with the Cummins diesel-swapped S550 hauling a boat. However, the classic ‘Stang we have here has gone one step further, as the pony has become the boat!

Given the iconic silhouette of the first-generation Mustang, we can understand why some enthusiasts would also like to enjoy this on water. Of course, as old Top Gear episodes have taught us, building an amphibious vehicle out of a road car sounds like the kind of plan that has holes in it (pun intended). Well, this creation places a Mustang body on top of a boat for a smoother experience.

Of course, one’s first question probably revolves around the inevitable rust issues. However, this isn’t B Is for Built ordering metallic classic Mustang panels to place on top of a former Need for Speed movie Bugatti replica chassis. Instead, the body is made out of the same material as the donor boat, namely fiberglass.

The project comes from a Russian tuner dubbed Ford Market, which has delivered some outlandish Blue Oval creations over the past decade or so, with this Raptorbus 6×6 being an example as good as any.

And while the specialist has ensured the muscle car body and the boat are joined in a way that provides seamless integration, they’ve also added a touch of Hollywood. It seems like the company couldn’t resist the temptation to throw a bit of an Eleanor look into the mix.

Even so, this is no Eleanor clone. That’s because multiple elements, such as the taillights, are far from those of the Shelby GT500-like 1967 Ford Mustang fastback that Nicolas Cage’s character, Randall “Memphis” Raines, drove in the 2000 remake of Gone in 60 Seconds.

The cabin is part of the ‘Stang experience

And since keeping the standard boat interior would’ve seriously impacted the experience, the cabin was also given a ‘Stang makeover. And we see some elements from the contemporary S550 here, adding a modern touch to the project.

Speaking of which, one might wonder how quickly this Mustang Splashback (the maker came up with this nickname) can vanish into the sunset. For starters, power is currently provided by an outboard Mercury Marine engine, which seems to be a 90 hp four-stroke unit.

Of course, the maximum speed of the “hybrid” watercraft depends on the weather conditions. However, during a recent competition, the Mustang Splashback hit 56,7 km/h (35 mph). And while that’s no record, it’s certainly enough to provide a memorable pony ride.



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